Somebody Hates You

If you’re remarkable, outstanding, extraordinary in a world of ordinary, you can be certain that somebody doesn’t like you. Not only do they not like you, but they never will. Live with it. Heck, you could be perfect and somebody would still dislike you…even hate you to death

Ask Jesus.

Remarkable people make ordinary people nervous, they make mediocre people uncomfortable, they get average people irritated.

Oh and it’s the same for your product, your service, your idea, your face! Trying to win the love and affection of everyone is a losers strategy. You don’t need to win everybody, just the people who count. Find out who those people are and focusing obsessively on them – ignore the rest.

5 Replies to “Somebody Hates You”

  1. You are absolutely right…I think often people spend too much time trying to please every Tom Dick and Harry, but the truth of the matter is this is practically impossible…Identify people that matter..people who will bring worth into your life..uplift you spiritually and mentally and focus on them.

    1. don let dem tel u dat u cant z if they r d lyf giver. Lov urdef first nd seriosnes a di key to a prosperous lyf. Jus wana se hi to me long tym frend geraldine hwzz u empress. Me c u. Hwz lyf

  2. Awesome photo Max. I guess it’s time to unveil my orange suit!

    But I have to admit, this is such a true analysis. I think it’s difficult to understand why we just can’t celebrate each other.

    Well done!

  3. Wrong!!! please yourself , no surprises there , at least u will know u r happy. You might think u r making people happy but in the mean time’ they just smile in your face and play along. Deep down people r hard to please and u may never know their true intentions or what really makes them tick. Like they say a man’s mind is like a deep bottomless pit that no next person may ever know what u r thinking about

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