7 Reasons You Won’t Become the Best in the World

Seven Reasons You Might Fail to Become the Best in the World

  • You run out of time (and quit).
  • You run out of money (and quit).
  • You get scared (and quit).
  • You’re not serious about it (and quit).
  • You lose interest or enthusiasm or settle for being mediocre (and quit).
  • You focus on the short-term instead of the long (and quit when the short-term gets too hard).
  • You pick the wrong thing at which to be the best in the world (because you don’t have the talent).

Seth Godin – The Dip.

2 Replies to “7 Reasons You Won’t Become the Best in the World”

  1. Max, I know that you are supposed to exploit what you are really good at but in some of our economies even that which you are good will never bring you a profit and you have to settle for what runs the economy.

    1. Hi Ezah, thanks for swinging round. You’re right, living in Africa does present a few challenges, but that’s what they are, challenges. And besides that, the world is fast shrinking. You’re not nearly as limited to your own geography or economy as your parents were thanks to the internet.

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