Company Registration Suspended

I’m sad to announce today that due to a number of circumstances, our Company Registration business has closed down. For how long I’m not very sure. It’s embarrassing to admit but some changes were made at the registrars office for requirements expected of consultants that took me completely by surprise and I just wasn’t ready to re-shape certain things to deliver the service reliably.

That combined with a few other things made delivering the service neither financially or morally viable and so after much deliberation, we’re out of the game for now. Wasn’t really a lot of choice involved.

We’ve disappointed a few clients in the process too, and that’s what stinks the most and no apology is good enough, but I hope that at a later date I will be able to make it up to everyone involved.

The info on registration will remain on the site and I am happy to help answer questions you have about how to go about it or who else can help you get the job done better than I can right now.

I’ll admit that I haven’t handled the whole thing very well either, disappointing myself and others the process. I’ll admit too that I wasn’t planning on announcing this on the blog for hundreds or thousands of people to see, I was going to keep it a fairly ‘private defeat’ – I guess I just realized (it took a while) that so many have shared their struggles and failures with me, that maybe I should ‘man up’ and do the same.  Anyway.



p.s. Hopefully this isn’t one of those posts that goes viral!

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