My friends, Brendan and Sally Palmer have been helping businesses in Zimbabwe and in the region for ages. They’ve invested a lot of time and money into learning how you can take the stress out of your business and give it wings to fly. They asked me to share this with you…


This seminar teaches 25 key techniques and strategies to implement into your
business that are fundamental to success.  It is hosted by Brendan and Sally
Palmer, a husband and wife team who are proudly Zimbabwean and passionate
about positively impacting business in our country.   They have spent the
last 7 years searching for answers to the question…  “What is it that

successful business leaders do that makes their businesses successful?”.

Through consulting and working with dynamic and successful business leaders

in the country and the region as well as experimenting, testing,

interviewing, traveling and researching, they have managed to find 25
secrets to business success and are bringing these to you in a 1 day seminar

and a 52 week E-course.

The E-course which comes as a bonus with the seminar ticket and is valued at
$1,200, deep dives into topics like…

  • -Building Invincible Teams
  • -Understanding Goal Congruence, Structure and control
  • -Having a well thought out, smart plan
  • -Understanding the mechanics of business systems
  • -Business Leadership
  • -Informed Decision Making
  • -Understanding  business numbers
  • -Defining deliverables
  • -Defining your business in-depth
  • -How learning, research and technology are critical to success
  • -Time management and becoming organised
  • -Discipline, focus and commitment
  • -Know your Customer and Competitor
  • And many more….

The E-course is delivered weekly, via email for 52 weeks and provides the
attendee with more detailed information on what is taught at the seminar?


This seminar is aimed at “Business Leaders” which are….anyone who is

running their own business, is managing or directing  a business, is
thinking about opening a business or who aspires to be at the top of a
business.WHY ATTEND?

Business is changing and moving forward at an incredible rate these days and
it is vital to keep up to date with modern ideas and solutions as well as
keep learning and improving yourself so that you can remain a leader and
remain ahead of the rest.  It is said that to avoid becoming obsolete, you
need to learn 1 new thing every hour in your field!!!  So learning never

What you will learn is not taught at standard Business School but is rather

learnt from trial and error, blood, sweat and tears  and are lessons that

successful business leaders from all over the world have learnt and
implemented into their businesses to improve their success levels.  This
course will save you time and money and jump-start your business success.

It is a great opportunity for networking and meeting like-minded people.

I’ll be there, hope you will too!

3 Replies to “SABRE BUSINESS WORLD LIVE SEMINAR – 25 Business Secrets”

  1. I think theres either no comments because they were removed or people did just as I did, rushed to the bottom, saw the $1,200 cost of the program and decided to move on. No disrespect at their expertise, only they know the true value of their product. Income distribution in zimbabwe lies on two extremes, really wealthy or you are struggling. Before I buy a sports car metaphorically speaing, I need to know or have heard similar reports from like minded professionals thats its the real deal. Then again, this could be the under-dog Mercedes Benz for business success and my fear of the $1,200 cost may be due to boot-strapping entrepreneurial approach.

    1. Hi there Eliot! thanks for coming around mate. You might want to take a closer look at the cost though. It was not $1200, it was $297 and very well attended actually. You’re right though about how people often struggle with knowing what to invest in when in boot strapping mode. Also, Zimbabweans aren’t known for investing in learning beyond the perceived ‘safety of academic institutions offering paper qualifications. Another reason the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer. Thanks for coming by!

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