How Much Is Your Marketing Degree Worth?

I’ve been saying this for years now, and I’m not going to stop. “If you allow traditional, institutional academic education to be your only source of learning, you’re in trouble”

Marketing is one of the areas in which this is especially true.

For example, It amazes me that as important as it is, marketing degrees are still being dished out to people who have no real concept of the power and dynamics behind the internet and social media – the fastest growing and most important new development in the world of marketing since the explosion of mass marketing decades ago!

Seriously people, what the heck?

These are the people being hired and promoted into important marketing positions only to find that increasingly so, they just don’t know what the heck is going on.

I feel for all the thousands of people spending thousands of dollars and years of their lives just to be awarded a marketing degree that does not empower them to get the job done. At least before it could land you a job, but not even that anymore.

Sure, there are enduring principles of marketing that will always be, no matter where society and technology go, but the social web is radically changing the way relationships are formed, strengthened , the way credibility and authority is developed, the way values and belief systems spread, the way discovery works, the way strategy is formulated…arhhh

Listen chum, this isn’t the world your father was educated in.

It’s probably not even the world your older sister was in when she was your age. Now you’re in a speedily shrinking world of super connectivity and hyper innovation. It’s time to equip yourself for the real today (and tomorrow), not the yesterday your university/ college teacher is probably still teaching from.

Oh and to answer the question “How Much Is Your Marketing Degree Worth?” the answer is “Not much.”

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  1. Most businesses are looking for people who have Bachelor degree in marketing, business, science, ect and want people who have experience in those field. But sadly, none of the companies wouldn’t even hire a person who has some college level with knowledge about marketing, ect. It all comes down to where you work at, who you know and how many year of volunteer/internship/certification/education that person has to do the job. And people could forget about looking at low wage jobs because everyone john, dick and harry who have more experience, higher education, would be consider for that position before you do. I feel like that only way a person can really get by is either sell their belonging, pose for playboy or any position in the adult industry or move to another country.

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