How To Abrogate Confusion Simultaneously Avoiding Obtusity In Communication.

Abrogate, it means to do away with something. It’s easier to say ‘get rid of’. Problem is, when people are misguided on how to impress an audience, they sometimes lean on $100 words, when a $1 word would have done just fine. It’s obtuse (unintelligent.) as far as effective communication goes.

Company profiles are still full of it, many corporate websites still do it, and some people even speak that way in conversation. Want to see how ineffective that sort of communication is? Try using it in your social media marketing efforts.

Don’t do it.

Now as a certified bookworm, I’ve been able to acquire a sizable vocabulary over the years. Perhaps you’re the same and when you and i meet, let’s make use of all those impressive words we’ve been yearning to use. In the mean time, understand that the average person, you and I included, would rather be impressed with your ideas, than with your words. So next time you’re tempted to impress with complicated words at the risk of alienating your audience…

Don’t do it.

By the way Obtusity is so rarely used that even Microsoft Word doesn’t recognize it. I always knew I was more perspicacious than Microsoft…but that’s another post!

*perspicacious – Smarter – sheesh, do I have to explain everything?!

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