Google Plus In Zimbabwe, HATE It Or Love It, But Join.

Heard of Google Plus? If you’re a Zimbabwean, probably not yet, after all, all your friends are on Facebook, maybe Twitter. Google Plus is Google’s new social network (like Facebook, potentially better).

There’s been a lot of controversy with regards to the implementation of it all, with many claiming Google is unfairly using its muscle (in search) to promote this new service – I differ on some of it, but heck…when it comes to marketing, I couldn’t care less – neither should you.

All it means is that things have changed, if you’re a business owner, love it (like me) or hate it, you’d be downright crazy to ignore Google Plus.

Crazy because if you hope to build a long-lasting and powerful brand on-line in Zimbabwe or anywhere else in the world, you can’t afford to ignore Google. Facebook is not enough, especially not in Zimbabwe, neither is Twitter or LinkedIn.

CLICK HERE to join Google Plus now.

Google plus is going to affect your on-line networking, your Search engine visibility, your brand relevance in ways that you probably can’t imagine if you haven’t been following the developments.

I could go into a really detailed account of why you should get on Google Plus and get active there now, but not today. For today I’ll just let you know this

The Worlds Most Powerful Internet Business (Google) had launched the fastest growing social networking site in History. They’re integrating it into the world’s top search engine,, the world’s top video sharing site YouTube, the worlds best email service, Gmail (350 million users) and many other popular online properties. They’re doing all this and your competitors haven’t even heard of it yet.

If there’s ANY entrepreneurial or marketing blood in you at all, you already know you need to take action early.

Here’s A Link To get Started.

7 Replies to “Google Plus In Zimbabwe, HATE It Or Love It, But Join.”

  1. This is the first me hearing of the Google Plus service! I think the problem is that there is very little coverage of international events beyond politics here. The only source of accurate information we have for businesses in Zimbabwe is from yourself and one or two other blogs. Don’t give up on us Mr Soutter!

  2. The problem is that Google is not keeping it’s word when it comes to their search. The accuracy with search plus your world has gone to the dogs, but you’re right Max, i don’t like it, but i’m not so stupid as to ignore it for that reason!

  3. Great points @Max on why businesses need to start embracing Google+. it’s the new reality about visibility SEO and Social media wise.
    And yes, for the business it shouldn’t matter if Google is playing fair or not with FB & Twitter.

    Would add and say that Google+ is more useful to a business than Twitter ever was (or probably will be) in the Zimbabwean context. Twitter has remained a Geek and people-about-town’s tool. Mainstream remains FB and now Google+

  4. @ Kabweza, Totally agree about G+ already proving more useful than Twitter mate. G+ Has far more potential for local businesses. I’ve found LinkedIn to be useful too, but not for the average user though.

  5. OK, First of all, thank you Max for feeding the masses on G+. That’s very kind of you. If for any reason you have known about Plus and havent started on it, I can certainly guarantee a doom on your visibility endevours. Get this right, Google is not looking at going back with the +your world venture coz thats their leverage to the marriage between faceboook and bing. Dont mind the tech giant’s fight, juss get vissible by all means…. its very important. thanks max on that one

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