I’m Talking To The Man In The Mirror

How often do you talk to the man in mirror? I do often. I like to remind him of stuff he already knows, but sometimes forgets.

These days I talk to him a lot about who he is and where he’s going. “Don’t get distracted or discouraged” I tell him. “No matter how high the mountain seems, you can climb it.” I remind him that no matter what forces come up against him, he’ll win through faith.

If I ever see fear in his eyes, I remind him, “chin up, chest out buddy”. I tell the man in the mirror how much bigger he is than the challenges he’s facing.

If I spot any bitterness, I encourage him to forgive others, after all, he’s been forgiven much.

I never let him let go of faith, to shrink back into the cowardly and selfish shell of a man others have accepted as their true selves.

I keep him focused on a life motivated by love, not money, power, fame or pleasure.

He’s a stubborn chap my man in the mirror, and I often have to say things more than once. I get irritated with the way he seems to make some of the same mistakes over and over again – but still, just recently, I’ve noticed he’s paying attention.

Maybe he just wanted to know for sure, that I was really committed to his success. I am. God is.

4 Replies to “I’m Talking To The Man In The Mirror”

  1. I didn’t that this man in the mirror he is great than all the challenges he meets. Now I know. Thanks for your encouranging words all the times.

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