“Boy Do I Have Something To Say”

Boy do I have something to say! Ok, not really, but sort of. I will say this though. No silly, I don’t mean I’ll say “this”, I mean I will say this (in the following paragraph).

Three days from now, you probably won’t even remember this sentence. Which sentence? The following sentence. Or the one I just wrote for that matter.The one about the sentence. You’ve already forgotten it haven’t you? Wait – you don’t even know which sentence I’m talking about do you?

Do You?

Ok, well at least try to remember the first sentence (or the very last one – same thing), it’s the most important one. It’s the one thing you should say to yourself before you attempt any sort of marketing. That’s the most important rule of marketing really –actually havingsomething to say, before you say anything.

My point is..

Having something to say, doesn’t actually mean you have anything to say at all. Like that stuff I just said. About the sentence, when you didn’t know which sentence I was talking about. Remember?

Enough said.

P.S. The first sentence was –“Boy do I have something to say.”

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