Forever Living In Zimbabwe – A Good Business Opportunity?

If you’ve wondered if selling Forever Living products is for you or if you could succeed at Network marketing, then this post is for you.

Max, “What kind of business can I start in Zimbabwe?”

It’s one of the business questions I get almost daily. “And what if I only have a start-up budget of $1000? Or $500? Or $300?” Throughout 2011 I’ve offered a few answers, and usually I make it clear that no industry guarantees success…it comes down to a few factors, not least of which is your marketing. Today though I want to show you what I believe is one of the best small business opportunities available in Zimbabwe and how to get in while there’s still money to be made!

Forever Living Products – Network Marketing

First, here’s what you DON’T NEED to make this business happen for you;

  1. A big budget – you can get started with as little as $240
  2. A full day – You can start off part-time and gradually ease into it
  3. Years of business experience – Even if you’ve never run a business before
  4. Any impressive qualifications – You need ANY academic qualifications at all
  5. A fancy office – Work from home…or your car if you want to!

It’s the beauty of some of the network marketing (multi-level marketing) opportunities that have become available in Zimbabwe in the last 2 or 3 years. They’re all easy to get into and Forever Living is the easiest.

Now to be clear, You do need to work, hard and smart. There is no success for the lazy in ANY business.So what is Forever Living and how does it work?

First you should understand that it’s designed to function with in a Network Marketing structure. Network marketing is the kind of marketing that relies on you building a network of people to sell product for you – a sales team. In the case of Forever Living, you’re selling some really extraordinary Health products, proven world-wide to produce excellent results.

Now your sales team could consist of your friends, family, co-workers – whoever. Each person joins your network and the Forever Living family as a business owner and a sales person and You are rewarded with a percentage of profits from any sale made by one of your sales recruits!

Over time, as your Forever Living sales team grows, you start to build a source of semi – passive income, because you’re making a profit off of their efforts. This together with the money you make from your own sales can eventually add up to a decent, even extraordinary income, far above what most jobs and some small businesses in Zimbabwe could ever offer you.

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4 Replies to “Forever Living In Zimbabwe – A Good Business Opportunity?”

  1. Hello…am a business builder of flp in Tanzania and I have a friend of mine there in Zimbabwe and I want someone who can help me one to one to my friend.
    Hope to get feedback soon.

    1. My friend live in Harare whom i want to share with this business opportunity.

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