Will You Be An Employee All Your Life?

You can be an employee all your life if you want to. Nothing wrong with it, as long as you understand what you’ve given up. No employee has real freedom with his time, ideas and money. For as long as you’re an employee the world will know the impact of your boss, but never yours – and maybe you’re okay with that.

But, if not…

If you’re looking to explore your full potential, and get the highest rewards life offers…you’ll need to pursue your own vision – your own business. Is it risky? Of course, that’s why the rewards are so massive when you succeed.

We’re rounding up the year 2011 now, often the way you exit one door is the way you enter the next. Finish strong. If you’re planning on starting a business of your own, start it. Register that company, write that business plan, get that branding designed, that strategy formulated – do something! The first step is the most important step you can take, if you haven’t taken any yet. You don’t need to know the whole map to get going, just a little bit of boldness.

Don’t let fear, stop you…you’re bigger than that. Could be that millions of people, your family, your friends…the whole world is waiting to see what is inside you.

Oh, unless you’re waiting for 2012? The new years resolution hype season? One of procrastination’s favorite mind tricks…getting you to wait for some some ‘grand feeling’, ‘new season’, ‘fresh start’. The only time you have is right now. Tomorrow is for dreamers, today is for takers.

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