How To Murder A Baby, Or Sell Something Cheap.

First step: Don’t call it murder, call it abortion.

Alternatively, don’t even talk about the baby. Talk about the mother. Her pain, her inconvenience. Now, of course for some mothers the pain of having an unwanted baby goes beyond inconvenience, as in the case of rape for example. The pain and trauma of that is genuine and no one should make light of it, but does it justify MURDER?

Opps, that word again.

When you use the word murder, you’re talking about the evil act of killing someone, an innocent baby. A baby that had her whole life ahead of her. When you use the word abortion, you reduce it to a simple medical procedure to remove an unwanted ‘something’.

Words have power. And your choice of words can make or break your argument or marketing message.

Compare for example the word ‘Cheap’ with the word ‘Affordable’. They mean the same thing don’t they – “not much money”? The dictionary might say so, but not people.

‘Cheap’ is associated with the poor quality of a product. Something only a man of low standards or socio-economic standing would buy. No one wants to wear ‘cheap clothes’. No bride wants to wear a cheap ring. No one wants to live in a cheap house.

‘Affordable’ on the other hand means you didn’t waste money. It means you’re probably smart with your money. It means you took into consideration, not only cost but quality and made a smart decision.

Which word should you use to describe how little your products costs? Cheap or affordable?

Words matter.

‘Murder’ is wrong no matter what, we’ve believed that for thousands of years. No matter how much someone’s existence makes your life uncomfortable, murder is sin and sin is evil. To justify killing a baby to society you can’t talk about ‘murder’, you have to use the word ‘abortion’. It’s easier to explain and explain away. It’s easier to say I want to have an abortion, than to say I want to murder my baby.

Words can make or break a man (or a baby), or a marketing campaign.

Words Matter.

Look again at the words you’re using to describe your product or service. Are they the most accurate and potent words you can use? Are you unintentionally saying something you don’t want to say?

Last thing you want is to murder your marketing with the wrong words.

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  1. Good one Mr Max. 12 years ago i forced a girl friend to have an abortion. She almost died in the process, but survived. Eventually we got married but we have never forgotten the child we could have had. We just wanted to make life easy, but it is hard to live with guilt.

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