Zimbabwe News headlines – Building Positive or Negatives Minds?

Whatever the Herald Newspaper is building, I’m not letting it affect my mindset, that’s for sure. Of all the times the Herald ads I’ve seen, this particular headline surprised me the most – The fact that they see themselves as building positives minds!

‘Positive minds’ and Zimbabwean newspapers DO NOT go hand in hand. It’s not just the Herald, its EVERY newspaper in Zimbabwe (and most globally).

Listen, i won’t preach to you (today), but i will tell you this for free; Newspapers sell because they sell bad news. The job of every journalist is to find news that will frighten, anger and confuse you into buying. They’re not trying to provide you with a ‘balanced and unbiased view’. They’re not trying to educate and inspire you.

Bad news sells.

About three weeks ago, i went through 3 major local newspapers to see if i could find any genuinely good news. I checked the Herald, Daily News and Newsday. Of the dozens of stories, i found just 2 good news stories…short ones, buried somewhere in the middle.

Bottom-line, if you let the Herald, or any newspaper ‘build your mindset for you, you’ll never amount to anything. You’ll be fearful of crime on the streets, corrupt police and adulterous and thieving pastors. You’ll fill your mind with how bad the economy is, how useless politicians are and how unlikely your success will be.

Am i saying don’t read the paper? No, I’m just saying understand that they don’t make their money by trying to build a nation of positive minds.

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