“Outrageous Marketing Claims” Herald Newspaper

I laughed when I read this advert by the Herald Newspaper, advertising itself – another case of making ridiculous claims that reduce the believability  factor of your marketing. I’ve highlighted the statement in read below.

Here’s the text of the advert

White Collar, Blue Collar…It All Makes Business Sense.

The Herald Is the Only News Source that Influences Major Business Decisions.

We are in touch with the country’s captains of industry and policy makers, which makes us the desired source of to the point reports.

So when you want to plan your future, keep up with the news, features and business reports. Get it word for word.

$1 for the Full Story.


Wait – did I just read that the Herald is the ONLY News Source that Influences major business decisions in Zimbabwe? Really? So I guess, that makes all the other local news sources on line and off pretty much useless as far as business is concerned…including Zimpaper’s own Sunday Mail?

I doubt anyone actually believes that – especially not the Newsday ‘Zimbabwe’s Number 1 Newspaper’.

Still, the Herald isn’t the only brand to make crazy, nonsensical claims like that. Go through a few local newspapers and you’ll be surprised how often it happens. It’s very tempting to do when the self praise starts!

If you must make an outrageous claim, here’s how

Support it credible facts and logic. Logic that matches the world view of the people you’re attempting to convince. For example…

The Herald, No Better Newspaper For Print Classifieds”

A recent independent evaluation proved that Our Classifieds offer up to 7 times more classified entries in over 10 more classified categories than our closes competitor. That Makes the Herald, Zimbabwe’s most popular advertising medium…maybe it’s time you blah blah blah.”

Newsday did a good job of it here.

When you make a huge promise or a claim some may see as outrageous, it’s important to qualify it. When you do, you increase the credibility and effectiveness of your advertising.

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