Imagination Is Everything – Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein had this insight – Imagination is everything, it is the preview of lifeś coming attractions.

Like zillions of others, I have always been a fan of Albert Einstein the scientific genius. Ive written about him in the past, but something I haven mentioned before is a trait he shared with many other successful people, common in kids, rare in adults imagination.

Over time the dreams of most are abandoned. They start to seem unrealistic, overly idealistic – it seems childish to speak of such grand things as changing the world or becoming a mega star when the circumstances contradict your words. By the time most people reach the young age of 40, theyre settled on who and what they will be, theyre abandoned their creative powers of imagination and allowed the world around them to have the final say in how much they can achieve or contribute.

Albert Einstein
Image via Wikipedia, Albert Einstein

I hope that like Albert Einstein, who all the way up to his last days was still pursuing his dreams. I hope that youre different, that youre not too embarrassed or afraid to dream with your eyes wide open and keep imagining bigger and better things for yourself, your country and the world.

Imagination is the seed of all greatness, without it, youĺl always be a victim of the circumstances.

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