Starting Or Growing A Real Estate Business In Zimbabwe?

If you’re already in or planning on entering the business of real estate (property sales) in Zimbabwe, then you probably already know how vitally important a strong online presence is.

Together with classifieds adverts, your own website is vitally important if you’re going to succeed in the business – not just any website…one that’s known, followed and gets traffic and generates leads. is well positioned to gain you more leads, expand your reach and brand presence and fast forward your success as a real estate agent or in any related business.

Once you own the site, we will customize it for you (if you already have a brand that you’re working with) and give you a strong marketing boost to get you going faster and even more powerfully.

Interested in finding out more about why Property Place is a valuable asset? Please contact us immediately and we’ll show you.

Use the email form below or contact Max Soutter directly on or 263773098648

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