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Hidden in the everyday common kiss, is a powerful business and career development secret, so important and powerful, that it could mean the difference between success or failure for your business.

Actually Kissing (deep, lip locking type kissing) is quite disgusting when you think of it. Two people, (preferably a man and a women) lip lock and proceed to rub their tongues together whilst exchanging large amounts of saliva…arh! And yet, it’s highly disgusting nature hasn’t diminished it’s popularity one bit.


Context, that’s why – And there in lies the power of this sexy little secret…

Definition of context: The circumstances that form the setting for an event, statement, or idea, and in terms of which it can be fully understood and assessed.

In other words, the circumstances that frame the setting in which one is kissing will determine whether or not it’s disgusting or amazing. It’s the story behind a kiss that’s important.

  • Between an over the heels in love couple, kissing is amazing.
  • Between two men, not homosexual, kissing is horrible
  • Between husband and wife, truly in love, kissing is meaningful
  • Between brother and sister, kissing is disgusting

Context. The exact same activity taken into a different context, a different background story – will completely change it’s meaning.

Same goes for the rest of life…even in business.

A skill, resource or idea in one context will be regarded as common, of little value – in another context, worth Gold.

For example,

  • Exercise can be used both to prevent ill-health, and many times also to cure it. If you were the owner of a gym, you’d probably want to know which context is a more profitable market for you to target.
  • Your creativity in an old-established company may be seen as an irritation, even a threat to the status quo. Your talent in that contextual environment maybe wasted. In a young vibrant company that needs to break into the market, your creativity could win you shares in the company.
  • Integrity among honorable people is respected and can open doors of opportunity, integrity among thieves, maybe the cause of your demotion (elimination).
  • A coke for $3usd at the Meikles hotel is expected, a $3 coke inside Spar or the neighborhood Sadza Place is daylight robbery.
  • Walking around in your underwear along first-street Harare could get you arrested. The same attire at the beach is accepted, even expected.

I could go on and on. Context changes a lot of things. It affects how valuable your skills are, how much you can charge for a product or service, who your most profitable market will be, where your time is best spent.

Timing, physical environment, people involved, demand of the situation…a lot of things determine context.

In business, it pays to understand and (even control) the context in which your customer buys, or users your product or service. When you’re climbing the corporate ladder, it pays to know the context in which your contributions will be most valued and offer you the highest leverage.

Many careers and businesses fail because of this…think about it. A really valuable resource in the wrong context…that’s like deep lip locking with your dad – arh!

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