What's Your Company Name?

Before you can register a company in Zimbabwe, you have to have a few ideas on what to name the business. Have you come up with a few names for your company registration yet? Just in case you haven’t or if you want a few more ideas, I’ve listed our top 5 tips for company names.  Here they are

1)Be unique or original. The company Registrars office has been registering names in Zimbabwe for decades – that’s a lot of names. Gone are the days when you can simply submit the first name that comes to mind and hope to be approved. These days name rejections are very common because most entrepreneurs attempt to register names that are too obvious or typical of their industry. Think different! Go beyond what first comes to mind and think about a name that will help you stand out.

2)Be memorable. A name that stands out is a name that can more easily be remembered which is very important for branding. Names that are memorable usually have several things in common

  •     Simple and easy to pronounce
  •     Unusual or unique in their context
  •     Have strong associations (visual images that come to mind)
  •     Emotional punch

3)Be meaningful or descriptive. Examples are Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), Copy World, Zimbabwe Online (ZOL), Property Place. As soon as you hear the name, you almost immediately have a good idea what the business is about. It’s always a lot easier to brand your business if the name gives clues about the type or product or service you provide.  Think about your industry, products, services or the primary benefits you offer and see what names can be rafted around those themes.

4) Be flexible. Some people become so attached to a name they do not own that it’s hard for them to think of other names or let go once that name is rejected. That’s a big waste of time, don’t do it. If you’ve already been trading unregistered for a while and have gained too much momentum with the name you’ve been using, consider creating variations of that name to give yourself options. If all else fails and the name is really important, you might consider the ‘trading as’ option for your stationery and other branding.

5)Be smart. Being unique, memorable and meaningful doesn’t mean you should be brainstorming for months until you find the name that ‘perfect’ name. For some this can turn into procrastination and ends up as a massive waste of time. Focus more on an effective name than a perfect name. Realize also that a name is only one component of the branding process.

I hope that gives you a few good ideas for how to name your new business when registering your company. As always, please let me know if you’re ready to get registered immediately

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  1. Am Dominic a.malawian who desire to be an aspiring interpreneuor, don`t yet have a compaNY BUT i desire to know rewarding business vetures in zimbabwe with a capital worth of 50$-100$

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