Starting a Business & Learning To Breathe

Somethings you just don’t have time to learn how to do. Like breathing. When a baby is born, there are only a few things that he really needs to know from day one, the rest can wait. Breathing is one of those things. Every second a newborn baby isn’t breathing is a second closer to a horrible end.

Business is the same

There are really only a few competencies or assets your business absolutely must have on day one, the rest can wait. The trick is knowing what those few critical things are – because depending on your business model or business strategy your few things might be different to the next guy’s – but that’s not often.

  • Something to exchange for cash/value (product or service).
  • Someone to exchange it with (A real market)
  • A means to tell that person you want to make a deal (marketing).

Everything else, not connected directly to those things can probably wait.  Like a business plan, office furniture, a great team – all important, but they can wait.

Going into business without all three of the above critical things is like when a baby comes into the world and isn’t breathing. Unless someone turns that baby upside down fast and slaps his feet to get his lungs working – it’s going to take a miracle for him to survive.

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