How Much Should A Website Cost In Zimbabwe?

How much is too much to pay for the designing of your website? $500 or $5000?

Most Website designers choose one or a combination of the following three measures (all of which can be miss-leading for you)

Number of design hours. Here a free-lance designer or design agency basically estimates how long they expect to spend on your project and multiply by their hourly rate. It works great for the designer and is common practice is a number of industries. Not the best though. What is you happen to hire a designer who takes two hours to do what another would take an hour to do?

Number of pages on the site. Here, whether the site takes 5 hours or 5 days to design doesn’t matter – regardless of how long it takes to design. The assumption is that each page is worth the same so just multiply.

Or maybe the price tag on a website should depend on the number of features a site contains. Surely a static website with just a few pages and a simple design can’t be worth as much as a website with a shopping cart, 100 pages and hack-proof security?

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Actually, how much should it cost is a terrible question when you think of it and the examples above equally terrible ways to answer it. A much better question is

“Given the amount of benefit I expect to gain from the site, how much can I afford to spend without making a loss?”

This question assumes two important things…

  • You’ve determined what benefit you want and can expect from your website and will have it designed as such.
  • You’re willing and able to spend money to make money

Here’s an even easier question to answer

If a website looks amazing, has perfect security, 30 pages, great features should it cost as much as a simple and small website that actually makes you money?

Just thinking.

Contact us if you’d like help with designing a website that’s profitable for your business.

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