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Timothy Maurice - personal branding expert

Personal branding…in case you didn’t know, can make all the difference for your success as an entrepreneur and in your career. How people see you has a massive impact on what opportunities that throw your way, so don’t leave your personal brand to chance. The Christian Institute for Leadership here in Zimbabwe asked me to share the following details of the Timothy Maurice personal branding workshop with you.

On the 23rd of August 2011, The Christian Institute of Leadership will be hosting a Personal branding Workshop at Chapman Golf Club at a cost of $80 per person including teas and lunch. Please find attached the details of the speaker, Timothy M Webster the President and CEO of Timothy Maurice and Associates, an International Personal Branding firm operating in Johannesburg, South Africa and New York, USA. I have also attached the workshop flier.
This workshop will not only equip top and middle managers with the skills that will help them to become more confident leaders but is also an opportunity for them to network with other managers and for organisations to advertise their products and services. For advertisement, sponsorship will be required at the rates specified below.
Please advise how many managers from your organisation will be able to attend by Wednesday 17 August to assist us with planning. We look forward to seeing you at Chapman.
Sponsorship Methods
Sponsors are classified into categories as shown below each category enjoying certain privilege as detailed below:
Sponsorship level
US$1000.00 and above
Conference day branding,Exclusive advertising,5 free, credits
US$700.00 to US$999.99
Advertising,credits,3 Free, banners
US$500.00 to US$699.00
2 free and credits, banners
US$200.00 to US$499.00
1 free and credits, banners
US$100 to US$199.00
Banners display
Please may you urgently advise how many people are attending and which sponsorship method you would like to use. If you need  more information please do not hesitate to contact me on the numbers below. Thanks a lot!
We are looking forward to your feedback!
Chikomborero Bhule
Trainee Client Service Manager

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