Advertise Your Business To Thousands – Just $2 A Day

Want to market your product or service effectively in Zimbabwe? At Just $45 for a full 30 days of 24/ 7 of marketing, here’s what my latest marketing system will do for you…
  • Reach thousands of people with your marketing
  • Easily and systematically separate those who are interested from the general masses who will never buy
  • Communicate regularly with those interested at NO COST and without lifting a finger! Stay right in front of them for free, even if it takes months before he actually buys, you’ll still be at the top of his mind when he’s ready!
  • Hit them from multiple angles on why to buy from you. You are not limited by space or budget for the number of words, and broadcasts to them
  • Grow your list of leads automatically and increase your credibility by getting these people to recommend their friends to you.

And pay only $45 for a full 4 weeks of marketing – that’s less than $2 a day!

I only have 3 places left…after that the offer closes temporarily. When it re-opens, it will be more expensive and we’ll be much more fussy about who we let on it.

No time wasters please…if you’re interested, call or email now to set up a short meeting. I want to meet with you personally.


email me here
Or call me directly – 263773098648

This internet marketing system will work even if

  1. Even if you don’t have a website
  2. Even if you don’t have time
  3. Even if you never check your email
  4. Even if you only have a small budget
  5. Even if your business is brand new or hasn’t even launched yet – or has been around since before i was born!

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  1. It is an open secret that online marketing is here to stay.Any business minded person who ignores the power of e-commerce would gravitate into oblivion.It is time we exhort Zimbabwean entrepreneurs to utilse the various opportunities presented to them by online marketing schemes.The internet allows all business people and individuals alike do business almost anywhere in the world 24/7/365.

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