SPECIAL OFFER: Promote Your Business For Just $2 A Day?!

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Want to market your product or service effectively in Zimbabwe? At Just $45 for a full 30 days of 24/ 7 of marketing, here’s what my latest marketing system will do for you…

  • Reach thousands of people with your marketing
  • Easily and systematically separate those who are interested from the general masses who will never buy
  • Communicate regularly with those interested at NO COST and without lifting a finger! Stay right in front of them for free, even if it takes months before he actually buys, you’ll still be at the top of his mind when he’s ready!
  • Hit them from multiple angles on why to buy from you. You are not limited by space or budget for the number of words, and broadcasts to them
  • Grow your list of leads automatically and increase your credibility by getting these people to recommend their friends to you.

And pay only $45 for a full 4 weeks of marketing – that’s less than $2 a day!

I only have 3 places left…after that the offer closes temporarily. When it re-opens, it will be more expensive and we’ll be much more fussy about who we let on it.

No time wasters please…if you’re interested, call or email now to set up a short meeting. I want to meet with you personally.


email me here
Or call me directly – 263773098648

This internet marketing system will work even if

  1. Even if you don’t have a website
  2. Even if you don’t have time
  3. Even if you never check your email
  4. Even if you only have a small budget
  5. Even if your business is brand new or hasn’t even launched yet – or has been around since before i was born!

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