Whatever It Takes…A Man & His Goat

So what if you had to get a goat from point A to point B? Point A is where you are right now, B is where you get to sell it for money, trade it for a favor, gift it to strengthen a relationship – whatever. Maybe you don’t have a truck, or they won’t let you on the bus and no one will help…what do you do?

Give Up is what most would do. After all, you have some pretty good reasons (excuses). Most people aren’t willing to go through much for the success they want, the slightest obstacles scare and discourage them.

They want the success that doesn’t require faith, sacrifice, perseverance, learning and personal growth, the want the kind of success that doesn’t actually exist.

The only success that really does exist functions by a simple two-step formula;

  1. Find out what it takes
  2. Do whatever it takes.

It’s usually the second part that gets people. That’s too bad, but truth is If you’re determined to succeed, you might have to raise a few eyebrows on your way to the top and endure some criticism. You might have to rock the boat, kill a few sacred cows, go against the grain, make some sacrifices!

I think many fail in life, business, marriage, parenting, sport – not because they don’t know what to do, but because they mess around procrastinating and making up excuses as to why they ‘cannot’ do whatever it takes.

I like the guy in the picture. He knew we’d laugh when we saw him. he knew we’d think and say all kinds of things about him – still he needed to get his Goat from point A to B, so did it anyway. He just did whatever it took and he got it done.

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4 Replies to “Whatever It Takes…A Man & His Goat”

  1. this is so funny and so true! Someone said pple underestimate processes but overestimmate end results. Thanks Bizsetup!

  2. What a somewhat simple story, what an incredible profound meaning it packs. Most of us want success but are not prepared and willing to pay the price. This story uncovers the fundamental tenets of real success. The real challenge however lies in doing WHATEVER IT TAKES. that explains why succesfull people are in short supply the word over. Now thats good stuff pity we dont follow it to the letter.

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