Investing in Zimbabwe, While You Wait & See…

While you wait and see about investing in that Business or project back in Zimbabwe, others are taking action. I’ve mentioned before how opportunities are missed by waiting for perfect conditions, but I’ll say it again – In a competitive market place;

  • By the time an opportunity is obvious, it’s no longer an opportunity. Others have already moved on it and all the early birds have eaten the biggest and tastiest worms
  • By the time an investment seems perfectly safe, the opportunity is gone. By then all the brave, insightful and just plain lucky early movers have already taken the lion’s share
  • By the time an idea is easy to implement, someone else has already done it, mastered the process and established themselves as the leaders in the field.

Of course there are exceptions to all this, there is the rare occasion where it pays to sit on the side lines and watch everyone else dive in, but this seems to me an extremely risky approach to doing business in Zimbabwe or almost any other place for that matter.

Was reading an article in the Newsday recently that reported the latest scramble for Zimbabwe’s resources by overseas investors. According to story

  • An Iranian delegation spent a week here (just last week), looking for investment opportunities in the Mining and Agricultural Sectors
  • Just before that, a German delegation under the banner of German African Business Association was around and have now already put in place big plans for the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) in May
  • Other investor delegations from Both London and China were in Zimbabwe recently
  • Any day now a 20 member delegation from Pakistan will arrive, also looking for ways to maximize the business and investment opportunities in Zimbabwe

Heck, besides all that, we’ve seen in recent times an influx of Zimbabweans from the Diaspora making their way back home too. They’re coming with ideas, skills and even money. They’re registering companies, talking to consultants and setting up businesses.

Sure it’s not happening at the speed of light, but IT IS happening. The only question will be whether or not you’ll jump in on time… or wait until it’s too late. Some reasons for investor hesitation are legitimate and very understandable, the risks are real – but make no mistake, Zimbabwe will be a great nation again. Yet even in the greatest nations, fortune favors the bold and the early worms often take the juiciest worms.The rest fight over the scraps.

Think about it – timing counts, speed matters.

It’s my personal belief that there isn’t a better time to be getting serious about Zimbabwe – especially if you’re a small player. You’ve got a lot less to lose and much more to gain by being an early bird. You still have a bit of a head start before all the big boys with endless budgets come in.

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