How To Find Investors for Your Zimbabwe Business…Fast Movers Only!

If you are looking for investors for your Zimbabwe business or project, then I have good news for you…Investors are looking for you too! Sometimes the best way to get funding for your business is by getting visibility first.After all, an invisible project, never gets funded by anyone.

So if you are in Zimbabwe and you have a start-up project or an operating business that needs funding or some kind of financial investment, I have a solution for you, but you’ll have to move fast!

I only have room for a few fast movers who are serious about finding investors and are willing to spend a minimum fee of $200 to get it done. If that describes you, then contact me asap and I’ll let you know how I can help you…

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164 Replies to “How To Find Investors for Your Zimbabwe Business…Fast Movers Only!”

  1. Please help me,l want 2 start a catering business and l need funding.l wil pay back..

  2. Im a 27year old woman.l want to start my own business but l have been failing to get a loan.Please help me.

    1. Have you got the loan yet ma’am? Might be willing to be a partner if you have a viable business plan. Reply

    2. If you have $20. Im offering a chance of a lifetime. I have openings for only 15 people. This project will turn your $20 into $2000 in 7 months and you dont have to do anything.No selling no recruiting,this is not a pyramid scheme.If interested Whatsapp me on 0773436734 ASAP.Like i said I only 15 people.

  3. Your articles are very helpful. i’ve been following them since i became your friend on facebook.

  4. Hi Ernest, we’re turning up the heat over here so stay tuned, got some great stuff lined up in the next 30 days! Thanks for coming round!

    1. Hello there Creig, if you are willing to invest about USD 650.000 I can offer you a business plan which will certainly interest you. I can safely say that your investment will be paid back within 6 months and we are offering a 30% share of the business which will render profits of $1.000.000+ every month… Thank you and you can contact me at ..

      1. (1)I need to start up a goods and container transport company and so needs a good business plan. (2) Or instead I need to start up fuel -retail and distribution company.

    2. Hello Mr. White I have a very interesting business proposal for you. If you really are interested in doing business contact me on . Lucrative, safe, very enticing offer, you will not regret it.

    3. Hi Creig have you found businesses in Zimbabwe contact me on +263716960672/+263773031372 I have a proposal for some big business venture

    4. Hi there Creig…are you still funding projects?i trade the markets and have been looking for substantial funding to increase profit outlook.

    5. Irvines is givng chicks and feed …so fo every chicken tht reaches 6 weeks its a dollar .usually thy start at 30,000 chicks wht we nid are structures

      Contract Farming
      Requirements for Broiler Contract Growing
      Contract growing chickens for Irvines Zimbabwe (IZIM)
      is when the grower enters into a contract with Irvines
      Zimbabwe to grow broiler chickens on behalf of the
      company. A nine week cycle is used where the grower
      keeps the birds for thirty eight-forty (38-40) days and
      the site rests for three (3)weeks during which cleaning
      and disinfection is carried out.
      Irvines Zimbabwe provides the day old chicks, feed,
      transport for the day old chicks, feed and collection of
      birds for slaughter; vaccines, medication and cleaning
      chemicals as required while the grower provides the
      infrastructure, labour, litter, brooding requirements and
      water for the birds. The birds are kept on the grower
      site and upon achieving target slaughter weight are
      collected by Irvines Zimbabwe.
      The grower is responsible for the birds from day of
      receipt till delivery to Irvines Zimbabwe processing
      plant. Irvines Zimbabwe will slaughter, process, provide
      refridgeration facilities and market the final product.
      Minimum requirements for site
      Minimum number of birds per site: 30,000 birds
      (10,000 birds per house);
      Recommended radius to Harare: 70km;
      All weather access roads;
      Well drained soils;
      Intact perimeter fence and lockable gate;
      At least 1 km from other poultry and piggery
      Poultry houses built as per Irvines Zimbabwe
      Housing manual;
      A pre acceptance audit to be done to ascertain
      Biosecurity ensuring complete separation from
      other operations;
      Details of costs/payment structures are provided to
      those meeting the minimum requirements above.

    6. I have land in one of the prime areas in Zimbabwe looking for investors who is interested in real eastate

    7. Hi I am looking for an investor for a Moringa project would you be interested?

    8. I have been offered a very good business of manufacturing biscuits which is already in operation and with lots of clients and a good reputation, which is based in Harare, but I don’t have the money to buy it. Any one interested in purchasing or partnering me. It’s grossing about 25k and netting 14k per month

    9. I need an investor to partner with me in gold mining and indigenous chickens businesses. Can we team up?

  5. I have got a great business plan of an advertising company that has already attracted investor concern in South Africa. My web project is half complete and needs an investment of at least $2000. I have gathered the necessary data and market survey. I am currently staying in Bulawayo. I would be so much pleased to forward it to you via email or talk to you via the phone to explain and refer you to it.

  6. hello my name is rodney.g.t.kaseke i am an ambitious man aged 19 years who is looking for a loan, capital or partner to start my own transportation business i have done my research and found many various ways to save costs and time if anyones interested please contact me as soon as possible either on whatsapp 0774387074 or facebook rodney kaseke

  7. hello i am a 20 year old man failong to acquire a loan for a business plan can anyone help me?

  8. im a 22 year old ambitious lady bursting with business ideas.looking to start a business in bulawayo.interested investors would be mch appreciated.regards

  9. Good day i am involved in 2 businesses that require investment.Clothing manufacture, Service company to small scale miners, I am looking for partners or investers.

    1. Wish to get more information from you about the clothing manufacturing.

      Am real interested since am in the same line of biz,please drop me line on how you would like us to work together.

    2. Hie im also into garment designing and looking for an investor into this project. I have machinery. How best can we work together.
      Contact me on 00263 779 699 411

  10. i have so many projects at hand on paper waiting for investors and these are Cooking Gel for Gel stoves production, Detergents making formula and Drinks making formulas ready to drink and dilute to taste types. send you comments to or call +263773605445

  11. I am a 30 year old male in Zimbabwe ambitious to start a small business but failing to get funding. Please assist

  12. I am a 30 year old ambitious man. have been trying to set up a business but failing to get a loan. Please assist, you can call on +263772891306


  14. Im looking for an investor-partner willing to join a start up company dealing with e commerce. The investment should be starting at about $100k. Send an email if you are interested.

    1. Hi Nhiwatiwa have you launched your business yet. Chalk me on 0772 728 678. I would like to talk business.

  15. I am looking for an investor for my project of food manufacturing which brings good ROI to the shareholders and needs a start up capital investment of at least US$150 000.00 .pls contact me on ;, 0773 238 270.

  16. i am gerald in bulawayo looking fr investor i have reg construction company with two trucks we have had a number of projects in building houses and currently we doing brick moulding but for us to be the gaint company that will provide efficiance in our city we need an investor to partners us if u have intrest u can call or wats up us on 0717 242 255

  17. hey guys..i want to raise $26 000 in debt or in exchange for shareholdings for a cattle fattening project (start up). The funding will be utilized in procurement of stocks, on farm equipment and stock feeds..excellent returns….contact me on or 263 776 328 646/263 735 332 622

  18. Greetings my name is leeroy.currently studying in south africa.looking for a bussiness partner and an partner should be on the same page with me because the biz vision is as such:
    Cafe,catering and decorating,wedding and birthday cake bakery,event management and more in the same field some details and bussiness plans can be discussed privately Contact datails:
    +27788451580 or emal me on

  19. hello

    i would want to startup a business of selling fregrances and clothes at afordable prices here in zimbabwe but am ineed of an investor. Intrested you can email me on

  20. hie guys id like to do some events during this festive season in zimbabwe bt i do not have the finance , if anyone is interested in partnering me plz contact me on 078 309 4779

  21. l have a construction company which was doing very well but nw l need finances to do big projects especially equipments . l need help with finances

  22. I am NOT looking for funding, but need advice. I am on the road to become a manufacturer (don’t want to sell my idea out), but i am currently raising money through selling LP Gas due to current electricity shortage in Zimbabwe, its one of the best business to do. However i still need other business to venture into but have ran out of ideas. I am looking for ideas that can quickly give me a return so that i can start my much needed manufacturing company. Pliz help

    1. Hi i saw this ad that u posted last year i personally don’t have funds but i have a huge business idea and if you agree to work with me we are going to be the first here in Zimbabwe to produce a food pruduct that has got up to ten different flavours.I don’t want to sell the idea too but even if i mention it people will still have no idea on how to do it.lets chat on 0771125840.We can supply this product to supermakets,garages,bars,sports country clubs stadiums and hotels.There is a clear profit in this business

  23. i am a young 22 years old woman…an entrepreneur..I have projects on the table…tourism and events projects. looking for investors who want to invest in these growing industries..invest in the industry some of the world`s successful men have invested.

  24. Hi i have a medical equipment manufacturing and repair project but its capital intensive u can W/app me for more detail on 0772777552

    1. hie, you say the project is capital intensive how much in estimate are you talking about.

  25. hie my name is eric dumazile mtetwa m looking for someone who can fund a bakery project being a major shareholder.good turnover per month close to 250 000rands per month 0027783959302 whatspp for more details

  26. Hi I’m looking for someone to fund my project in Zimbabwe of popping salted maputi,machinery are available as well as customers.Good ROI.The investor need to inject $100 000us.

  27. I am looking for someone to fund my start up agricultural project on a 2ha plot. Very good ROI and looking for funders or partners. Capital injection of USD20,000.00 with 6 months grace period.

  28. Hie, i am looking for someone with resourcres to finance bulk food orders to bulk consumers. For more details contact me on 0717395847

  29. I am Victor looking for a investor in the re-cyling business of plastics, paper and cans.

  30. Name: Chada Samson Muhwati
    Comment: hi I am looking for an investor willing to inject a capital of $1500-$2000 my business is based on web adverting specifically for entertainment
    Mobile Number: 0777866500

  31. You are wandering were to put your money were it can grow like it’s on trees, here is a great opportunity to invest in an upcoming business equipped with a well-lit business plan and proposal, hustle free investment put your money were your mouth is inbox me, call or whatsapp on +263777866500

  32. hi. I have an IT company that is yet to start operations. I have a unique idea, the first of its kind i need some investment of about $20 000. If anyone is interested i am ready to negotiate a partnership or loan or something

  33. Hi there. I am looking at an investor to partner with in my renewable energy and energy efficiency business in Zimbabwe. huge opportunities and expecting very lucrative contracts. Inbox if you are interested:

  34. Hi there, we are a Tobacco Contracting company called Aqua Tobacco Zimbabwe (ATZ) fully licensed under the Tobacco Industry Marketing Board (TIMB) currently we have contracted more than 50ha and our targeted kgs for 2016 is 1,5million kgs to sale to both local and export market..our company is looking for an investor to partner with for those who are interested inbox me at and arrange a formal meeting

  35. hie, i am an independent financial analyst specialising in offshore and African markets. That includes company shares, indecies, commodities, bonds and currencies. The idea is to trade these in short term contracts called CFDs. These CFDs are highly profitably only if the analyst knows what they are doing, and are also dangerous to those who do not understand them or do not have enough experience trading them.

    I am looking for investors who are interested in making money trading the market. I do not take [handle, ask, hold] anyone’s money or trade on their behalf, there are companies that do that. I train and coach traders so that they are able to master the industry and generate profits. Inbox me if interested, at

  36. Hi I am a 26 years old man looking for a serious investor….so many business ideas from liquor electricals etc please contact me on 0716 960 672

  37. Hie, I am looking for an investor who is willing to inject USD$110 000 for a viable business plan. I have done my research and found that there wont be any competition in the country for this business. If there is anyone interested you can contact me on

  38. Do you need an investor?
    Do you need business or personal loans?
    Do you have any lucrative business idea or existing business that requires funding?
    100% financing by our company with low interest rate of 2%.
    We offer loans to individuals, organizations, companies, etc. Our process of loan approval fast and simple can help you borrow money. you can contact us via email

    1. I have been offered a biscuits manufacturing company which is operational with customers and am looking for a business partner or funder

    2. Looking for an investor or a loan for my I.C.T. Company. I have a very lucrative idea that can yield huge amount of money and with strong connections that can grow the business in no time. What I am lacking now is funding but I have clients waiting for my products. Whatsapp 0715028144
      Calls: 0778863369

  39. hie I’m Prosper Samunda looking for some investors in my business .I am a contructor indeed to buy equipment(tools) and to improve my marketing .my company is called spaz costruction please help.

  40. Its high time we all cooperate to finance each others business by voting for the best business plan, finance it, move to the next, if all are viable. Am an entrepreneur also, doing business at a far less smaller scale than my ambitions. Also anticipating big finances to grow bigger. Some issues need a seminar & improve our cash flows so that they will be more investors than investor-seekers

    1. Yes am looking for a loan to purchase a biscuits manufacturing company which I have been offered.

  41. Looking for investors in poultry

    %=×##@#$ company is givng chicks and feed so for every chicken tht reaches 6 weeks its a dollar .usually thy start at 30,000 chicks wht we nid ar structures I have a plot along side bulawayo road

  42. Hie.I am looking for an investor who is willing to inject $50 000 into events management project.Am ready to negotiate a partnership or loan.

  43. Hie l am looking for an investor to invest in acrylics m ready to negotiate partnership

  44. Hello to all investors out there. I am a 25 year old honest Caucasian Muslim young man looking for an investor who is willing to take on business OPPORTUNITIES in a partnership or “shares buy back” arrangement. I have several proposals which have decent scope for long term income plan depending on the funds made available to myself. Business ethics and transparency are key to my practice. investment is a HUGE risk but why not if it PAYS OUT?? kindly contact me on +263 771 381 996.

    Thank you.

  45. Good Day to You Sir/Ma’am,

    We have direct and efficient providers of Bank Guarantee (BG’s), Insurance Guarantees, MTN, Confirmable Bank Drafts, Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC) and Third Party Guarantees. If you are a potential Investor or principal looking to raise capital, we will be happy to answer any questions that you have about this opportunity and to provide you with details regarding these services. Our BG/SBLC Financing can help you get your project funded, by providing you with yearly renewable leased bank instruments. We work directly with the providers of these instruments. Leased Instruments can be obtained at minimal costs to lessor compared to other banking finance options. This offer is open to both individuals and corporate bodies. If you have need for Corporate loans, International project funding, etc. or if you have a client that requires funding for his project or business, We are also affiliated with lenders who specialize on funding against financial instruments, such as BG, SBLC, POF or MTN, we fund 100% of the face value of the financial instrument. Inquiries from agents/ brokers/ intermediaries are also welcome. If you are interested in seeking to raise finance for your business/projects in this way.

    For further inquiries please kindly contact:

    Name; Ezzatollah Kianersi A.
    skype: bgsblc.kianersi

    Thank You
    Ezzatollah Kianersi

      1. Anyone interested in investing in my film project with a viable business plan contact me on 0783076481
        And also another business idea which need only $5000 and have up to 250% profit

    1. Hie Mr Pablo, am in need of US$10 000 to fund my project of a Commercial Heavy Vehicle,Earthmoving/Mining Machinery repairing and servicing workshop (Commercial Garage).

      1. Ndeipi. Where are you located. I am into earthmoving and road maintenance. App me on +263784893133

    2. Hie Pablo. I need an investor in my project of garment designing. I have machinery but no cash for materials.

  46. I have a Formal business requiring an initial capital of $25k. Kindly get me via mail ( or +263772763054 for more info.

  47. Hey, I hv gold clams in kadoma looking for investors or mining equipment.

  48. hi ,i looking for investors to invest in small scale gold mining in Kwekwe

  49. I’m looking for $5000usd funding for my ICT company.debt or equity options negotiable +263778827700 app email,

  50. my name is joram dambana am looking for some one to join with in timber industry

  51. Im a 27 year old class one chef(female).looking for someone that can invest into a catering business with a startup of about $10 000.There is also a project we can start with which requires less capital and i guarantee success as i am an expect in the catering industry.You can contact me on 0773 881 027.

  52. Am 38 year old lady running a nursery school,am looking for a business partner to help me start up a primary school project.You can contact me on 0784980756

  53. I am a lady into petroleum industry all done,looking for investment of 5000 dollars as loan to be returned in 6months,App,txt or call 0773622238

  54. Registered real estate agency firm in Bulawayo looking for investors to expand the business and venture into property investment. Contact me on 0775816515

  55. looking for an investors for my E-commerce business which will be of great help to both secondary and tetiary students

  56. looking for an investors for my E-commerce business which will be of great help to both secondary and tetiary students. Contact me on 0779399918

  57. Hie l’m 23 ,years old and passionate about helping the needy and am looking for partners and financial help.

  58. Hie l have a farm to rent of about 70 hactres and l have a certificate in Agriculture.l have farming knowledge but no capital so l need a partner who is financially stable to run the farm

  59. hie do you have $55 ,join me in helping hands international and build your income using the matrix method
    contact me at 0776592427 ,

  60. Hello great entrepreneurs ,i’m currently looking for serious business participants who have serious business plans and are looking for an investor .im willing to invest in HARARE .

    those interested contact me on +27625939301 (whatsapp and calls)

    1. Hie boss. I’m not in Harare but I already have some good and potential Enterprises in kwekwe. If interested pliz get in touch with me on +263772510970 thank u

  61. Hi.l have a business proposal for cattle fattening.Looking for investors.Am based in Bulawayo.

    1. Hi Muzie
      I was in Bulawayo last week but just left. If you are still looking for cattle fattening funding and you have the land let me know. 00447810246890 Themba

  62. Hie there My Name is Anesu Bunzure and i am into events and media i am looking for someone to help me with a loan and l will pay it back.

  63. Iam a young man based in Bulawayo.I have an enticing business idea
    I want to start a fast foods business which will compete with other established rivals like Chicken Inn and Chicken Slice.The company has been registered in January 2017.The company name is Meatilicious.What will make this fast foods business stand out is its diverse offers like Grilled beef and pork which Chicken Inn and Chicken Slice cannot offer due to their name which is more specific.But this business model will just be like that of its competitors,that is Chicken and chips etc.Also having an idea of having a space within the premises for those who might need to braai the meat on their own.Also planning of having a top notch butchery within the premises

    I only have a paltry $3000 dollars which won’t take me anywhere at all.Am looking for investor/investor to help me get initial capital of a minimum of $50k -$100 000 to start this promising business

  64. I have a greenhouse proposal for horticultural farming. I have access to neccessary factors of production ( farmland 40km outta hre by wide tar irrigation etc) i require an investment for around 5-7k to kickstart the enterprise either as loan or equity. This horticultural sector is growing in zimbabwe. Do get in touch with me on 0737199079 or mail me on and make serious returns farming together.

  65. Im a guy 23 years of age, i have business ideas in line with rabbit husbandry, mining equipment supplies, livestock rearing but do not have capital to take off in those ideas, im in bulawayo if willing to invest email me or whatsapp on 0717305492 and we share ideas

  66. I am a guy aged 26 and I am looking for an I vestor I want tu start a $20 000 usd project to be achieved in two months,will be doin horticultural

  67. i am young man who is 18 years old who is to help me with a $700 capital for my small project
    of selling car battries. am sure in months time i will give the money back with interest please help so that i can take of my little sister.

  68. Hi ,I’m in harare avondale ,I have structure wich can acomodate Up to 1000 chickens so I need inputs

    I Will be so grateful if you help

    Thank you

  69. Looking for aninvestors in poultry
    industry, I have a 6 hectare plot in Lilifodia

    #### company is giving chicks and feed so for every chicken tht reaches 6 weeks its a dollar .usually they start at 30,000 chicks when they are supplying at commercial level wht we need are structures the plot is already there and to our advantage its very close to the market Place.

  70. Im looking for an investor-partner willing to join a start up company dealing with fuel retail ie service stations in very busy areas of matebeleland. The investment should be starting at about $100k. Send an email if you are interested.

  71. hello. got 4 hectares in Gweru. (10km from CBD). looking for a long term partnership in free range chickens, broiler farming, cattle fattening and possibly value chain addition by having a place clients can braai chickens. Ideas are welcome along that line of farming. my contact details Sibanda Andrew +263778610934

  72. hie I own a small supermarket and would like to expand into a restaurant and bar my space is big if interested contact me on 00263715744668 only serious partners or investors. Those who don’t wanna die without a legacy I’m your gal

  73. Life is what you make it n I’m here offering a great proposal to interested investors or partners. I own a supermarket which is not doing so great at Jimila Tsholotsho I’ve ventured that my space is too big so I need funding for a restaurant n bar. if u have a dream of not dieng poor n to leave a legacy behind when u die contact me on 00263715744668 n on the contrary market is good at Tsholotsho

  74. Hie, my name is Kenneth i have a couple of business proposals but i don’t even know where to get funding, can you help?

  75. I’m looking for a partner/investor to start up a security guard company. I have vast experience in the industry which has a lot of potential.

  76. INVESTOR WANTED URGENTLY (Harare, Zimbabwe)
    I am looking for a capital investment of US$3.5k for a high turnover business.
    intrested can get in touch with me on +263719803070
    Seba Putirwa

  77. I have land for developing stands for high ,low density and medium density ,I also have land for a convectional centre and lodge,I also have land for service station a,garage,and food court.Am looking fo investors to let that happen

  78. Hie
    Looking for a business partner in the motor industry trade; spraying painting, panel beating etc…in need of capital or partner
    Contact Elliot +263773294912

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