Money, The Most Beautiful Woman In The World

Here’s a profitable habit to develop; start thinking of money as beautiful woman…in fact you’re dream woman. A real life person with a real personality.

Now, if you want to attract her you’ve got to become attractive to her.

  • If you keep talking about how hard a good woman (money) is to find, you’ll never have her.
  • If you treat money like she doesn’t matter and waste it, she’ll soon leave you
  • If you go around criticizing other people because they’ve got a lot of money, she definitely won’t be coming your way.

Money, just like woman, love a confident man who will treat her with respect and look after her.Someone who will help her become more than she was without you, not less.

Think about it!

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6 Replies to “Money, The Most Beautiful Woman In The World”

  1. True Alexi! Mr Max this is a good one, and i don’t want to lose the point within the humor of it. Money only comes to those who can attract her. I will be sharing this one with friends.

  2. you wanna open a can of worms here for some of us..
    not gonna give any testimonies on the women issue but must say im gonna start treating my money like my wife!!!
    on my mind 24/7/365..
    thanks for the different perspective.

  3. …i get your concept but what a silly analogy! or do you think it’s only men/or women who are into women that will be visiting your site??

  4. I’m still learning from you, while I’m trying to reach my goals. I absolutely enjoy reading all that is written on your site.Keep the posts coming. I loved it!

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