17 Consulting Business Ideas For Zimbabweans

Have YOU got solutions worth paying for?

Want to start-up your own consultancy business in Zimbabwe, but you’re not sure exactly what kind of business?

Well the good news is that there are quite a few options available, even here in Zimbabwe and around Africa. Here’s a list of 17 areas of business consulting to consider… check it out

  1. Marketing Consultant: `How good are you at marketing an idea and getting bottom line results? Could you help people and businesses put together a marketing plan to reach prospects convincingly? If you can, marketing consulting might be worth a shot.
  2. Tax Consultant: A tax consultant is sort after by businesses wanting advice on all the ways that a business can pay the least amount of tax permissible by law. In Zimbabwe your services as a tax consultant are invaluable to businesses.
  3. Accounting Consultant:: Now here’s a function that’s a must have for every business, every business. An accounting consultant helps businesses account for the money the business gets and uses and it can often evolve into financial strategy consulting if you’re good enough.
  4. Business writing Consultant: Here’s a service that business people in Zimbabwean and around the world have always needed. What people will pay to avoid what business writing involves can be quite rewarding. Writing for brochures, websites, proposals, corporate letters etc, there are a wide range of possibilities here. This can often involve editorial work for news letters, annual reports and others.
  5. Public Relations Consultant: Every organization needs the fantastic image (branding) that great press coverage can create. A PR consultant who can deliver that is real asset. Are you that person?
  6. Insurance Consultant: We all need insurance and having someone around who can help us make sense of it all is definitely worth paying an insurance consultant good money for.
  7. General Business Consultant:: if you know enough about business to make a business more money or operate more effectively, you have a place in one of the most lucrative consultancy fields as a business consultant
  8. Communications Consultant:: A communications consultants is an expert in getting a business to communicate more effectively with it’s employees, shareholders, suppliers, partners etc each other, making  operations more efficient which ultimately makes the business more profitable.
  9. Computer consulting (IT): There’s  no shortage of the demand for qualified Information Technology AKA computer consultants in Zimbabwe. If you’re the ‘go to guy’ in computers, you’re happy man.
  10. Landscape Consultant: Believe it or not gardening consultancy is on the rise even in Zimbabwe. Profits are to be made by those with the ‘know how’ to turn a company’s green areas into a landscaping master piece. Got green fingers?
  11. Advertising Consultant: When it comes to getting the businesses message seen and heard with impact, businesses look for this kind of consultant to light the way.
  12. Editorial services Consultant: A good editorial consultant is always in demand. There’s always a newsletter or annual report needing writing at different times throughout the year
  13. Human Resources Consultant: Until the day that businesses no longer need people in them HR consultants will be in demand attending to business related people issues (hiring managing, motivating and firing) and bring synergy to organization and man.
  14. Career Counseling Consultant: These consultants help people choose a job and career path where their most likely to be satisfied and well rewarded. For as long as there are new vocation starting up and obsolete ones shutting down this will always be a profitable field.
  15. Payroll Management Consultant: process of managing a payroll is a process that a great many businesses are delighted to outsource to an experienced consultant. This is a consistent, predictable income stream that can deliver a comfortable life.
  16. Publishing Consultant: If you’re interested in helping organizations launch publications on and off-line, this is your thing.
  17. Executive search/head hunter firms/ Recruitment Consultant:: For the consultant passionate about finding the right expertise and skills set for employers.

Think about it this way, if it’s an area that people struggle with and knowledge makes all the difference, you can probably start a consulting service around it. Provided of course that the target group are willing to pay for it and there is enough of a demand to keep you in business.

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