Investing In Zimbabwe and How Business Opportunity Works

When it comes to investing in Zimbabwe, there’s a simple truth that successful entrepreneurs have learned and smart investors will agree with

“By the time the opportunity is obvious, it’s no longer an opportunity”

You know what that means right?

For Zimbabwe it means that all those waiting for perfect political, economic or social conditions before they invest, will almost certainly be late for the party, maybe even too late.

Greg Lebedev, an expert investment banker based in America said this at a Business Conference in Harare Zimbabwe, late last year

“Zimbabwe presents massive investment opportunities and the Americans are “late for the party” as some developed economies are already investing in the country.”

Sadly this is also true for many Zimbabweans in the diaspora. Sure there are risks involved in investing, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest or start a business, it means you manage the risk. And you do that by ensuring that every risk factor that IS under your control, is controlled.

Managing your investment risk in Zimbabwe will probably mean getting some education (or developing some new relationships with people who already have the right education and can be trusted).

To be clear, i don’t mean academic education – i mean getting some street smarts. Street smarts means you know more than just what the books say about how things are supposed to work. Street smarts is the kind of knowledge that’s gained when you’re in the mix, not from reading a book. Zimbabwe has for a long time proved that that book knowledge alone won’t get you very far.

This means learning about what actually works and the how and who behind it – especially if you’re a foreigner or haven’t been in the country for a while. So think twice before you partner with someone just because they’re you’re friend or because they look good on paper.

In the end though, i think it’s all going to come down to the boldness to act and the smarts to manage your risks – waiting/procrastination is (almost) always a formula for failure.

Call me an optimist but i believe Zimbabwe will become a great nation faster and more suddenly than most people think – and that’s when it will be an obvious opportunity, but it maybe too late for you by then.

Start slow if you have to, but start. When it comes to opportunities in Zimbabwe, the biggest rewards will be in the hands of those who were too smart to be late and too ‘stupid’ to be timid about it.

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  1. It all makes sense and all comes down to who is an entrepreneur? He is the guy who spends all his time in the clouds and once a year take a look at what’s going on on earth before going back to his clouds.
    Entrepreneurship is not for the fainthearted and Zim is right now the best place to train yourself or to strive if you are already one.

    We’re looking for opportunities to get into the Zim market. Let the author of this article kindly get back to us if he could help us in any way.


    1. Hi there Vivian,

      Max Soutter here, i run the Business Setup Group and i’m the author of the blog. What sort of opportunities are you looking for? We can provide all kinds of services to help you start up or grow a business in Zimbabwe or investing.

      A little more about you and what you’re looking for would help me help you.

      Kind regards


  2. I agree with every word in the post about business opportunities in Zimbabwe. I visited Zimbabwe on more than six occasions since 2000. By the way I am a Ghanaian. Zimbabwe is a great country with fantastic opportunities. It breaks my heart, when I hear Zimbabweans condemning their own country. Folks, Zimbabwe is a great place. Max, please contact me.

    1. interested in partnering with you. Have a premise for the business. If interested you may contact me and we discuss

  3. its true. robert kiyosaki was in SA early in 2010 and said almost the same thing that Greg Lebedev said. zim is a rich country and very well educated.
    people seem to put a lot of emphasis on the risk, but tell me, is there anything in life that is guranteed? life is all about risks, but they have to be calculated. naturally u wnt dive in without doing some homework but its a do or dare thing in the end.


    1. yes u can open business , but there is a process and the partner ship is like any country u make papers and u r safe . 0096170-222220

      to have a business you must do a factory or a restraunt with 100,000 us investment on the side when you get your residence permit u can do your car busines

    2. its if u need anything about zim contact me .its a good place to start but not in the current conditions but u should start now .i love the country n its people later u wnt have the opportunities to have wt u can have now

  5. I have interest in the agricultural sector. I have worked in the field for the past 5 years. I have a business idea and have done my homework, but finding investors has not been easy. Where do I find investors interested in agricultural business?

  6. So so right about “thinking twice” before partnering with someone because “they are your friend (family) or look good on paper”. People were seriously squeezed over the last few years – so business ethics/ survival tactics/word of honour/delivery etc are ‘different’. People got so used to ‘making a plan’/ dealing/hooking things up/connecting to so-and-so etc…so adapting to ‘normality’ is still a bit challenging for many. But yes – i agree with you… it is a good time to invest in zim but issue a disclaimer…due diligence as in any other place but the clichés ‘look beneath the surface’ and ‘read between the lines’ apply


  8. Do you have an information to how many days it takes to set up a company in Zimbabwe on average. Factoring all the paperwork that one needs to get through?

  9. I Visited Zim when i was 14 today m 24 MBA graduate and i want to get back and start a business. i just cannot find a right business opportunity.
    Kindly get in contact with me. If anyone has opportunity in Zimbabwe.

  10. Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wished to say that I’ve really enjoyed surfing around your blog posts. In any case I will be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!

  11. Hi guys –
    I am pursuing an MBA in Mumbai, India. Currently working on a project titled – “Assess political risk of doing business with Zimbabwe”.
    After reading above discussion flow I would like to know if anyone can guide me with some bullet points explaining political risk of doing business in Zimbabwe… Thanks a lot.
    Regards – Onkar

  12. Great ideas and questions coming in. I started a non-profit making company which from it will come a about 5-6 profit making business ventures. The nonprofit company offers various CSR Services. I am a 24year old Zimbabwe and am a highly innovative entreprenuerer. Anyone interested in joining can contact me at

  13. thanx for this sit, we have just registered our company in Zim, targeting the fabrication industry, with a lot of promising big jobs.your suggestions will be appreciated

  14. I’m interested in research /surveys and business development is it possible to start it can you connect me. I’m a Zimbabwean running the same business in south Africa

    1. hie you can try Zimbabwe Centre of High performance computing that is where i work as a Engineer or you can contact me on 0778099943

  15. I am a Zimbabwean but based in Johannesburg for the past 18 years.I want to start a metal scrap and bones business(in Gwanda).Is this a marketable idea considering our economic situation?

  16. Hie Soutter

    Am looking for a business investor for my Cleaning Services and Detergent Manufacturing Firm, the company has been operating for the past 11 months but has lot of potential hence the need for an external investor to boost our capital base. If anyone is interested i am ready to provide all details to that effect.

    Maximiano Mapurisa

  17. Your ideas are great I will subscribe to your site soon. Thank you for encouraging me because I have started and need advice/ guidance.

  18. My company has currently qualified for a franchise with a South African company and I am looking for a partner who can bring additional capital for the franchise. I am willing to cede some of my shares to a suitable partner. The company has also won a tender to supply goods through the franchise. For those who might be interested my email address is :

  19. What is the level of capital that you are looking for in US dollars?

  20. My company manufactures agricultural implements eg farm trailers, dumper trailers, bush pumps, etc. I am currently looking for investors who can inject funds into the business.

  21. A goal oriented team player wth solid academic and professional credentials frm higher state recognsed institn.Having worked in s.a for 5 years hv been offered franchse to zim @half price.willing to enter in partnshp hv all in place interested in viable bussns inneed nw to the zim economy email me 4 more details.

  22. hi max
    great article-informative! I’m looking for an investor or investors to inject cash into my business plan-i really have no idea were to begin! It is a proposal for a fine dining restaurant and lounge-i spent 6yrs in the US and would like to see the same standard of dining as in the US, in Zimbabwe!

  23. hi there thanx for this blog. I know i have to do something but dont reaaly know where to start . need help jus finishing my first degree

  24. The following six tips can help you succeed in business:

    1) Perform a market research to find evidence of a target market that is feasible. If a target market is not present for your idea, no one would purchase your service or product. In the same way, if you do not estimate the target market size properly, you can miss out on some really good opportunities.

    2) A need that prevails in the target market must be satisfied by your business idea. It must also satisfy the need at a cost the consumer is willing to give. Your business needs to be customer driven and should place customers needs first.

    3) A thorough market analysis of the business environment you are going to work in needs to be done so as to find out potential opportunities or threats you might encounter. The economic, cultural, technological, legal and political factors must be evaluated.

  25. this is totally true,take it from me this place is a gold mine,if u pick the right product nd target market,with alot of street smarts applied with business prowess u can make a decent dollar,so if u are interested in investing contact me

    1. Hi Lorraine, i can see we are planning to do the same type of a business. I have got salon equipment, all i need is to partner with someone with start – up capital. Please get in touch so that we can talk. My email address is:

  26. indeed Zimbabwe has many opportunities that are suffering due to the risk phobia gripping investors.i attended a project management exchange seminar organized by pm ideas South Africa and i am convinced the renaissance taking place in Africa will have Zimbabwe as its crown achievement.i am Zimbabwean and seeking a partner for a franchise/ food restaurant business i want to start. contact me on my email or call me on 263 736 702 958…….

  27. I would like to know what I can venture in .
    Would like to start a business in zimbabwe.

  28. hie there am looking for investors willing to invest in the in my construction company so as to create a Zimbabwean construction conglomerate .The ambition is to get finance to grow my into a fully intergrated construction and civil works firm with industry crossing synergies and footholds

    The four broad construction industry sectors are
    1] Material manufacturing
    2] property and housing development
    3] construction equipment
    4] speculative land purchases
    please get in touch for more in depth information

  29. I have written a book entitled. ” Ideas Ideas Ideas” Develop your Ideas. The most powerful and practical idea manual ever written. and commenting on Simba’s post the people you are looking for I coined then Idea Value Holders(IVH) and you and Idea Financial Holder(IFH). There are always those with more Finance and less Ideas and the other way round, depending on occupation etc.
    Here are the aims of the book and what it entails:
    Armed with the tools and methods in this book nations can achieve their full potential
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    The final major intention of writing the book is to leave a legacy an Afrocentric inherentance in particular for the next generation giving a blue print a snap into the new world of tapping into Ideas (Intellectual property) coupled with brick and mortar.
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    The underlying theme behind the whole writing of the book is simply put this way “ Don’t die with your ideas or Don’t be caught dead with your Ideas”

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    It answers questions most people ask subsconsciously but never quite saw a text book which addresses these issues.

  30. I am looking for a business partner. I want to open up a hair salon business in either Harare or Bulawayo. I have got all the required equipment (boxed and brand new) to start and run a hair salon. All i need is someone with start up capital. If interested u can contact me on the following email address:

  31. lam looking for investors who
    are interested in investing in Zimbabwe.We can set up a distributoship outlet of your products but be willing to bring them to Zimbabwe.lam also looking for investors interested in Mining
    ,infrstructure etc lam also willing to be your Business Represantative In Zimbabwe email

  32. I am looking for investors in Mining sector.The diamond claim was pegged.What we are looking for is the Capital and the equuipment then we enter into partnership after you are satisfied.Another claim is a gold mine.If interested contact me on emaremba@yahoo.comCell.00263777817849

  33. I’m looking for someone interested in the farming business. Someone prepared to manage farming activities on a full time basis and is prepared to stay on the farm 24/7. I will provide the capital. The land is available and the other person becomes the managing partner.

    1. Hey Billy, I would be really interested in that idea. Could you please elaborate further on the location of your farm, your produce etc? Thanks!

  34. We are a technology company with subsidiaries in Oil & Gas, Computer Servers, Storage, Software and Services, Surveillance and Networking. What are our changes of successfully doing business in Zim?

  35. i am looking for people,preferably high net worth individuals,that would like to invest in Zimbabwe and Botswana on starting a Exploration Drilling Company.please reply to

  36. Iv got an a2 comercial rach is 3000hectares.lots of potential in a number of fields poultry,pig rearing,green houses,gold mining and lots of opotunities

  37. Hi Vivien,

    If you are interested in partnering in residential real estate development in Zimbabwe please contact me.



  38. i m looking for some willing invest in motor spars in kadoma i m currently running a motor cycle spares shop and i have got extra space and i have operating for more than a year now if interested call me 0772 951 661 or email me

  39. I am a well connected marketer. Should there be anybody who would like to distribute their product in Zimbabwe I am willing to assist at a commission. If interested in trying the zim market email me on

  40. In order to work 50 weeks a year, you’re going
    to have to work 30 weeks; in order to work 30 weeks, you’ll likely have to work
    10. If I knew how to bake cookies, I would do that
    and send over a care package but Im much better at telling jokes
    so I go there and entertain, shake hands and thank the men and women who serve our country.

    After you do all this, you are ready to start performing in front of people for money.

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