Merry Christmas – It's Not About Presents!

Here’s me, wishing you, a undeniably, unbelievably and a ridiculously Merry Christmas!

I pray you’ll have a blessed day surrounded by family and true friends
and that you’ll have an absolute blast together. Of course,  It would also be great if you get that gift you’ve had your eye on all year BUT

It’s not about what presents you receive – it’s about what you can give.

  • Give generously to someone in need of your time, money or some TLC
  • Give up those bad (stupid) habits and definitely give up condemning yourself for all the mistakes you’ve made and the things you could have done differently. In 2011 you’ll do better!
  • Forgive those who’ve hurt or angered you intentionally or by mistake and be sure to thank everyone whose made your 2010 easier and happier.

But Christmas is about more than giving.

I hope especially that you’ll take time to reflect on the true meaning and origin of the Holiday and remember the amazing gift of Jesus to the world. God loved you and the whole world so much that He couldn’t bare to be separated from you, and that’s why Jesus was sent and born into the Earth. That’s also why we celebrate the 25th of December.

However you spend it, spend it wisely

Max Soutter

Thank you for everyone who has been reading the blog and helped to reach many thousands of people this year. Next year holds even bigger and better things for us all – see you in 2011!

One Reply to “Merry Christmas – It's Not About Presents!”

  1. Thank you Max

    May the light of success shine upon your every effort in the year 2011 and beyond. Looking forward to more inspirational and thought provoking updates from you.

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