"See Me Live – At Innvo8 Today!"

Lunch time today, I’m talking out an hour to speak at the Innov8 “Friday Lunch Motivation”. Whilst i rarely accept speaking engagements, i decided to do this one for several reasons

  1. I’m passionate about helping entrepreneurs become more effective marketers
  2. Who doesn’t love Milton Kamwendo and the important work he’s doing?

Anyway, i know it’s short notice but if you’re available at lunch time today, you can catch me live– I’m delivering a crash course on “Market Dominance & Strategy”

If you’re ready to take your business or entrepreneurial skill to a higher level, then come and find out some of the most powerful realizations that separate super successful entrepreneurs and businesses from the rest.

Date: Friday 3 dec 2010

Where: Inspiration Room, 1st Floor York House, CNR Jason Moyo & Angwa St, Harare.

Time: 1300 – 1400 hrs

Cost: $5

Topic: Crash Course in Market Dominance & Strategy

Doesn’t matter where you are in business today – established, just starting or somewhere in between, you’ll get a crash course for $5, what others have paid hundreds, even thousands of dollars to learn.

See you there!

2 Replies to “"See Me Live – At Innvo8 Today!"”

  1. Wow, Mr Soutter! I know you were not charging but truth be told, such information should not be free. Thank you for teaching so generously.

  2. I find info on your blog really helpful and inspiring entrepreneur. I need to findout if i need to meet for counselling how i can go abt it?

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