Do You 'Like' This? A Bribe On Facebook

Earn extra points for telling your friends (see below)

After months of requests i finally put up a Facebook fan page for the Bizsetup Group (I know I’m late), and we need your help to promote it – of course, I also come with a juicy bribe.

I’m giving away a website worth $850 to two lucky winners!

I’m not talking about any ol website with fancy graphics that does you no good. No i will personally be managing your design job to make sure that not only does it look good, but it will also be equipped with some of our best tools to make sure your new website actually makes you money and powerfully positions your business (new or established).

Here’s how to win Your Free Website

1) Like the Bizsetup Group Facebook Page here. That will earn you one point. Here’s the page to Like –

2) If you want even greater chances of winning, then also share a message on your wall, inviting your friends to join and like as well. That’s an additional 5 points. Here’s the link to your Facebook wall –

The winner will be chosen randomly (raffle style) and each point you have will greatly increase your chances of winning!

Please help us reach more people on how they can improve their lives and their businesses – like us!

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