Pornography Setup Kit, Facebook Hacked!

A lot of people know about our Business Setup Kit and about the innovative marketing & other business services we offer, however recently some people on my Facebook were receiving invites from my account to join either a network marketing site or sign up for an African porn site! There’s a perfectly good reason for that, and no the Bizsetup Group HAS NOT diversified into porn services! Here’s what happened…

My Facebook was hacked.

Someone managed to gain access into my account and posing as me, sent out these messages and even engaged in chat with some of my friends, posing as Max Soutter.

I knew something was up when i logged in a few days ago to discover i had been banned from Facebook for spamming! Fortunately i found out just in time, and I’ve changed my password as well as some security settings, effectively locking the hacker out.

I’ve sent a message to most of my Facebook friends, but after chatting to a rather irate friend just now, who was convinced that I was the fake Max, i thought I’d better make an official announcement  here too, just to avoid any confusion.

So to be 100% clear, I AM NOT involved in ANY network marketing programs at this time and I will NEVER be involved with any pornography websites – much less invite you to join (never thought I’d ever have to say this on my blog).

It’s been a very embarrassing and infuriating experience for me, a terrible violation. Whilst people who know me were able to simply laugh it off knowing I would never do such a thing, i wanted to make this announcement, in case YOU’RE not one of those people.

As always, yours for smarter business

Me (the real Max Soutter)

Having said all that, I am now again receiving Facebook friend requests again, so please feel free to connect with me, porn free! An if you’re one of those who sent me a request without a response, that will be sorted shortly.

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  1. Ah! So that explains why I’m getting these invitations to enlarge certain private parts of my body. Never opened any of their mail, but I’m wondering how I am ever going to get them off my back. Any suggestions?

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