Personal Awareness…Phillip Chiyangwa, A Genius?

Phil "Dollar" Chiyangwa

Besides vision and self-confidence, the next most important attribute of an entrepreneur is self-awareness. Hands down. There just comes a point, a place where you realize that your biggest obstacle to the next level is not the wretched economy, your selfish none paying clients, President Mugabe or the witch doctor your evil aunt hired to kill your business. It’s you.

Yes YOU.

If you’re observant and aware, you’ll start to notice patterns of behavior, limiting beliefs, upside down values that are actually blocking your own success, no matter how hard you work. You consciously desire one thing, but you’re subconsciously programmed to produce a different result. Self sabotage.

But self-awareness goes beyond just exposing your own mental/ emotional limitations. Self awareness can also help you discover your genius – your inner Einstein – Like Phillip Chiyangwa.

Phillip Chiyangwa articulated his genius well in a ZBC TV interview i saw once – “I begin where the experts fail”. I think most people missed it – that’s more than just a motivational quote. It tells you something about how the man functions and where he functions best. Mr Chiyangwa is a genius, and the good news is, so are you.

What is YOUR genius?

It’s the things you do and make look so easy that it amazes others around you – like the way you always come up with the most unexpected ideas, or your knack for simplifying complicated things, or the way you organize people or concepts to turn creative chaos into actionable steps – there are a million possible ways your genius could be manifesting, but it’s there.

Your personal genius is more than just ‘talent’ as most people understand the word, it’s your Zone. It’s you at your best and highest level of performance. It’s you in the area that you’re hard-wired by God to succeed.

This genius + the right business scenario is your entrepreneurial sweet spot. It’s where you go from just another business person to an industry captain, a great leader, a millionaire –or all three! It can and usually takes years to get the combination right, but when you do…whoa!

Take time to understand yourself and where your genetic make up, personality profile or natural genius will thrive. Now that I’m wanting to go to another level in my own career, this is one of the most important questions I’m asking myself – you should d too.

11 Replies to “Personal Awareness…Phillip Chiyangwa, A Genius?”

  1. I agree completely with this Max. Phillip Chiyangwa, like so many other local and international entrepreneurs including yourself are focused on how to play to their strengths, not just chasing every opportunity. It may take years but everyone who does this will eventually make it bigtime in life.

  2. I watched the programme, He was being interviewed by Supa Mandiwanzira. we can say all we want but the man is a genius, period! For those who doubt this, ever noticed how many land desputes he faught with the City Fathers, gues what, he won almost all of them and got all the land, he somehow finds ways to settle the disputes most of them will end up being settled out of court, because he knows that he cannot bite the hand that feeds him, he understands relationships, he needs the council so he made it right with them at town house,

    now call it politics, he is ZANU PF blah blah blah, the bottom line is, he gets what he wants at the end of the day and we remain, complaining, mocking him in newpaper colums etc, guess what, life goes on for him, he sees it and laughs about it and he keeps getting richer and richer as we discuss about his dealings positively or negatively.

    This is an article Max

  3. Great article, love him or hate him Blazz Phidza has proved his critics wrong. The guy is a genius, he has an eye for business opportunities. I salute him, despite his showy personality, he has done very well for himself.

    Lack of self belief is a BIG obstacles to success in any endearvour. Thanks for sharing this article Max.

  4. Thank you Max for this article on Chiyangwa. My conlusion on all this, is that succesess is not to stop a minute on worrying about how others feel but to grab every opportunity one comes by. but sometimes in doing so we bite muc than we can chew. e.g our genius has got so many properties that are underdeveloped but he grabs more land. I fail to understand how he prospers when he has so much unfinished bussness. help on this Max& Connie.

  5. I have to agree with Florence,
    While its important to carry an enviable self perception and consistently exude and air of confidence, i think its important to follow through all the talk with evidence, particularly if you are in the public eye. We’ve all seen or heard of his land acquisitions. I remember watching a promotional campaign that ran on tv for what- a week at best for Pinnacle Holdings and the various areas one could go by attaining a mortgage through Beverly to finance a cluster home or stand. They interviewed the Pinnacle Holdings Managing Director, who was no older than 25 at the time. Part of his team are under 30s who have been in the public eye for one reason or another or their parents are well connected. But the truth is many of these projects never saw the light of day in as far as completion. We drive past his Crowhill project on our way to my parents house and those buildings have been that way for so many years. – and they moved to Glen Lorne 10 years ago! There was talk of that project being a hotel to be managed by African Sun Ltd – and that was over 3 years ago if not more. I’d like to hear more testimonies of opportunities he has availed to the public that people are actually content with. Maybe help us understand this business concept of starting without completing but still making loads of money – if indeed he is worth what he or ‘they’ say.

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