Success: WHAT or WHO You Know?

Is success about WHAT you know or is it about WHO you know?

It’s a good question and almost everyone knows the answer…except they all disagree.

‘WHAT people‘ emphasize how acquiring knowledge about the facts, principles and strategies is the key to success. They invest in gathering vital information and education (both formal & informal). They know that

‘Learners Are Earners & Leaders Are Readers.

BUT – they almost always work harder than necessary because they ignore the people who can speed up their progress.

Who people are different.

WHO People emphasize leveraging their influence and connections. They have large networks, friends in high places, and strong relationships.

They know that

Theres no such thing as a ‘self-made’ man.

Problem is, most they often don’t know enough of a ‘what’ to create any real value or achieve success.

So which are you?

When you think about it, the most obvious realization is that true success involves the use of both What AND Who approaches. less obvious i think is just how much the same they really are.  here’s what i mean.

  • Successful WHO people know a lot about ‘WHAT’ do & say to influence, persuade & motivate others to help them.
  • Successful WHAT people know a lot about ‘WHO’ can give, teach or sell them the vital WHAT information they need.

The great thing about knowing which ‘success style’ you have is the insight you get into why you do things the way you do. Just as important, it also exposes to you where you blind spots (and many missed opportunities) are.

You don’t have to be incredible at both, that’s a rare gift. But you do need to be really good at one of the them, and competent and aware of the other.

Just thinking…

4 Replies to “Success: WHAT or WHO You Know?”

  1. I think HOW you conduct business also counts Max. Some people make a good brand for themselves whilst others creat enemies in the process! Food for thought.

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