Are You Too Hard To Buy From?

Are You Making It Hard for your clients?

Maybe the reason you’re not getting more business has nothing to do with your competition, the economy or even your business idea… perhaps it’s something closer to home – You!

See sometimes entrepreneurs lose opportunities and sales simply because they make it hard for people to do business with them. For example, here are a few ways you may be sabotaging your own sales

  • Do you have bureaucratic rules that make a client do too much work? Long forms to fill in, multiple steps to go through?
  • Do you follow-up quickly and efficiently on their questions, comments and concerns? For example, do you have a FAQ section on your website? See an example of how we provide easy info company registration here
  • Is you office on the 10 floor of a building no one knows in town – or do i have to fill up my tank and put aside a whole hour, just to get to your offices to make a payment?
  • How easy is your website or physical store to navigate? Do you make it easy for clients to find what they’re looking for quick and easy?
  • How many ways can we contact you and find out about your products and services? Can I SMS your business? Email? Can i Google search you? the more easy options I have the more likely i will actually do it.
  • Do your marketing materials educate sufficiently? Do they explain comprehensively why you, why now? See an example of our brochure if you’re starting a business in Zimbabwe

Sometimes price has nothing to do with it…people just want a really easy and convenient solution to their problem.

Do you provide that?

3 Replies to “Are You Too Hard To Buy From?”

  1. Max,

    Nice one. Every time I read these post, it seems as if you’re talking to me directly, and you are. So again very on-target.


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