Don't Give Up

Zimbabweans have been through a crazy times in recent years both economically and socially. So many businesses have closed down leaving many entrepreneurs on the brink of  giving up. I’ve had the privilege of being able to encourage a few and my advice is always the same…”Don’t give up – don’t ever give up.”

But if you’ve been thinking about it then let me leave you with a song that did a lot for me at a time when i might have given up on important things…

It’s a great song written by (Pastor) Bonnie Deuschle, an accomplished writer/musician and a real pioneer for local gospel music in Zimbabwe. Together with her husband, Tom Deuschle, she founded Celebration Ministries (AKA Hear the Word Ministries) which has become a mega church with great impact in Zimbabwe and beyond.

Don’t Give Up Lyrics – Bonnie Deuschle

Don’t give up, you see the outside world is watching,
Don’t give up, there are better days ahead,
Don’t give in, when you see the storm clouds rolling in,
You know the sun will shine again,
Surrounded by a cloud of witness who say, Don’t give up.

Don’t give up, you see the Lord is watching,
Don’t give up, He knows how far there is to go,
Don’t give in, you know every opportunity is a chance to see God’s victory,
These trials are temporary you will see, Don’t give up.

Hold on, forget what lies behind, Hold on, take time renew your mind,
Hold on, and press on for the prize of the call of God in Christ.

Don’t give up, just hold your head up higher,
Don’t give up, His love will be your guide,
Don’t give in, you’re a child of the mighty King, forgiven of everything,
This hope of life is yours to live today, Don’t give up.

If you feel tempted to give up, know that every great man or woman in business, sport, entertainment, politics and every realm of accomplishment has been there. Successful people are who they are today in large part, because they didn’t quit… so neither should you.

3 Replies to “Don't Give Up”

  1. Max,

    How timely. A blessing indeed at the right time. More blessing to you and yours for sharing. Yes, we are the “NEVER GIVE UP ECONOMY”

    Love from all to all..

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