Myths about Money and Getting Rich

Getting rich is not magic!

WARNING: Most of what you believe about money may be false – myths that have no truth in them.

This is especially true if you don’t have any.

Although I advise and help entrepreneurs, especially Zimbabweans on their marketing, it took me a while to fully appreciate this vital truth about making money in business:

You can know all the most powerful strategies in the world, but unless you have the right mindset, you’ll never be a success.

I could give you the best information on how to increase their business profits and make more money, but unless you use it, it’s useless.It’s true for me and it’s true for you. So what determines what information you use or don’t use?

Your mindset or belief system. I’ve learned that the more closely aligned to truth our beliefs are, the more successful we can be in any given area.

So, to help you figure out if you have any limiting beliefs about money, I’ve compiled 5 myths that stop people from making more money…here goes;

  1. I’m a bad person, I don’t deserve to be rich – The world’s wealth people are made up of every kind of personality you can imagine. They come from many different religions, backgrounds and even ethics. It’s true that rich people tend to have a lot in common, but ‘more deserving’ is not one of them.
  2. Money is the root of all evil. This saying is actually a misquote of the more accurate and useful original one found in the Christian bible “The Love of Money is the root of all evil”. Notice the difference? Having money will not make you a bad person or unholy in the slightest. Money merely amplifies who you really are already. Some rich people are abusive not because they have money – they just didn’t have the power to be abusive when they were in lack, but it’s who they’ve always been. Same goes for the many rich people who are generous.
  3. Rich people are secretly unhappy and without love. This is a common money myth. Money does not make you happy or unhappy. It cannot. Money is a thing outside of you and like every other thing, it only has the impact or meaning that your beliefs give it. It very possible to be both rich financially and rich in love and in every other important area of life – AT THE SAME TIME!
  4. You have to be born rich. Big myth. A third or British millionaires come from average backgrounds, a quarter come from poverty and only 2% come from wealthy backgrounds.
  5. Rich people are in love with money. Again, this is not true of all rich people. In fact, poor people are money all about the money than rich people are. Wealthy people usually get there by offering something of great value to society and money is one of the rewards they enjoy for it.

If you’re serious about enjoying a life that includes financial abundance, you’re going to think like a rich person. Wealth is not a matter of luck, it’s more often the result of deliberate design.

Being rich really is a choice.

2 Replies to “Myths about Money and Getting Rich”

  1. I so agree with you on all of those pointers, especially number 3. In shona they always say “Mumazizimba mahombe imomo hamuna mufaro!! Ndoda hangu kugara mukadiki kangu ndichifara” (“There is no happines in these big nice houses!! I would rather be happy in my small home”). People think that God gives you wealth, and takes away happiness, and vice versa!! Nice post we were having that argument just last week Friday!!

  2. The world belongs to the Lord and the fullness there of.The Lord gives power to get wealth and money is part of wealth.Everything that is from the Lord is good ,there is nothing bad about having a lot of money.God has got riches in his glory and we were created according to his image that means we can choose to be like our creator /father so getting rich is a matter of choice it is within us.

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