Rich Zimbabwe, Poor Zimbabwe

rich vs poorWhat makes the difference between a poor man and a rich man? A poor country and a rich country? What’s the real reason the rich get richer and the poor get poorer?

Rich Dad, Poor Dad – you’ve read the book right? Or how about Think and Grow Rich? Or even Secrets of the Millionaire Mind – all great books that explain very clearly why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.All three books revolve around a single principle of life that men have known for thousands of years

“As a man thinks in his heart, so is he”.

Rich people are rich because they think and therefore feel, talk and act in ways that are consistent with wealth building. Poor people are poor because although desiring riches, they think in ways that are sabotage their own efforts towards wealth building.

Thus a man with incredible talent, rare opportunity, good looks and everything else without a wealth mindset, will continue to fail. To justify his failure, he will find someone or something to blame – ‘dad never loved me’ my pastor lied to me, i don’t have the capital, the economy is bad, the boss doesn’t like me – etc

What’s true for a man, is true for a family, an organization, a community and even a whole nation – even Zimbabwe.

I like what the president has been emphasizing lately…”Zimbabweans can solve Zimbabwe’s problems”. I believe that’s true – but only if we recognize ourselves are both the cure and the problem. For as long as Zimbabweans seek to justify failure by blaming external forces, we will not see any lasting change – if any.

What Zimbabwe needs more than any political  or financial solution is a renewed way of thinking. We need to think and grow rich. This is not just for the political leaders, it’s for everyone. Stop blaming Mugabe and Tsvangirai for everything that goes wrong with your business or finances – don’t place your destiny in the hands of any man.

Zimbabwe has more than enough natural resources to be a mini super power. What we really lack is a collective mind that thinks rich. We we get that, ‘ll see all kinds of miracles happening to cause success and progress for the whole nation.

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  1. Interesting article. You have covered 4 books ‘Rich dad poor dad’, ‘secrets of the millionaire mind’, ‘think and grow rich’ and in passing ‘as a man thinks…’ Since you have singled out the root cause of poverty as being the state of one’s mind, may I suggest that you list book titles that can help one to shift one’s way of thinking as well?

  2. Your article has hit the nail on the head ! I too believe that as Zimbabweans we should stop the blaming game. Only Zimbabweans can solve Zimbabwe’s problems and everyone else can support us on our journey to recovery.

  3. Truth be told, and is even better when it comes from a Zimbabwean’s mind. I respect and applaud the words of wisdom you are sharing with us Max. What is really needed is an evolution of mindsets, these days Zimbabwe in the wrong circles has become synonymous with poverty, so much the mere mention of the country’s name raises eyebrows. I remember in the early 80’s not many native Zimbabweans could settle for certain jobs such as the ones they now carry out in the foreign nations we reside.

    I humbly thank you and encourage you to keep spreading the good word. We are our own worst enemies and need to befriend ourselves. If Zimbabwe was so tough, how come foreign nationals are making it, the thriving Chinese, Nigerian communities. Their secret is mindset, they do not have a poverty mentality that they put first.

  4. Thanks for that word we need to change the way we think for the wisdom of a poor man can not be heard.lets rise up as zimbabweans with haste for the US$ is not here to stay.let us work while it is day for when night comes nobody can work.this is the time, this is the opportunity rise up now or for ever hold your peace.

  5. Seriously poverty or riches its all in the mind. Robert Kiyosaki’s book ‘Rich Dad, poor Dad is a classic. I have also read ‘Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleone Hill. These two books transformed my thinking and modeled me into the person I am today.

    Another great book is ‘The Millionaire Mindset’ by Gery Roberts. Its worth reading. Also other great books are:
    The Starbucks story by Michelli
    The Google story – David A. Vise

  6. don’t place your destiny in the hands of any man….. I like this

  7. Just want to say your article is as astounding. The clearness in your post is simply spectacular and i could assume you’re an expert on this subject. Fine with your permission let me to grab your RSS feed to keep updated with forthcoming post. Thanks a million and please carry on the enjoyable work.

  8. Im very glad 2 see sme of my own pple thinking this way,thank you mr author especially on sayin that internal problems can only be cured by the ones affected(suffering) .Its high tym we nid 2 show our bravery syd mostly on our economic structure….

  9. Very good post Mr. Soutter! Although not directly related to your post and controversial to some a great book/movie to get your hands on is “The Secret” which helps bring to light all the things you speak of. I’ve used it in some ways and to some extent it has helped me re-define myself and move forward in the direction I feel is right for me. I couldn’t agree more about getting Zimbabwean’s to change the way they think and this a a mammoth task, but if a few of us start and share it with others hopefully the next generation will all have changed the way they think benefiting Zimbabwe as a country in the process

  10. Zimbabwe is a rich state ..yes but it is the natives that are utterly responsible for their own anguish.corruption racks havoc from the top to the bottom of the ladder yet the poor points an accusing finger at the top people ,but in ndebele , we have an idiom that says ” idla lapho ebotshelwe khOna”, we exploit our own resources … diamonds….nothing is done for the lay man.road infrastructure is dismal,wat is it that the layman can do about it .poverty is a global phenomenon…if only land can be distributed to those that know how to use it instead.On your way to Harare there are vasts lands that are owned by somebody yet they are not being utilized…..ladies and gentlemen real advise is needed for the total emancipation of the Zimbabwean man……decolonization of the mind…we are our brothers slave…

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