Requirements for Company Formation in Zimbabwe

When it comes to company formation in Zimbabwe, one of the most frequently asked questions in my inbox is “What Are The Requirements To Get A Company properly registered?”. Here’s the list:

  1. Choose atleast two directors and a company secretary for your new business. The company secretary can also be one of the directors.
  2. Home contact details for the Directors. No proof of residence is required.
  3. ID Numbers for the directors. You won’t need a copy of your ID, just the numbers is sufficient.
  4. Signatures of the directors on the Memos, Articles of Association and CR14
  5. A few name ideas or variations for your business name. Most people aim for at least 3 or 4 names.
  6. The address that the business will be operating from if you have one. No proof of residence is required and if you don’t have an address yet, it’s not a big deal.
  7. Your money of course! The amount may vary depending on which agent you’re using. Most reliable services will cost you at least $350, however we’ll charge you just $285 during our promo period…contact us

That’s it!

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18 Replies to “Requirements for Company Formation in Zimbabwe”

  1. very intriguing hey. I wonder why it is this easy? Is it meant to be this easy?

  2. Does any of the requirements differ when one wants to register a one company name(from the options submitted) then later open up subsidiary companies under it, example Rainbow Tourism group, it has city hotels, lodges, tour operator, HICC registered under it.

    How long does it take to have a company once all requirements have been submitted?

    Can you explain a little bit about the articles of association, memos and CR14?


  3. can you register a sole trader business? if so, do you need to have Articles & Memorandum of Association?

  4. Hie my name is James i am civil engineering technician based in zambia doing a lot of construction work in mines and i would like to open my own company in zimbabwe because that is my homeland and operate in zambia and zimbabwe.So may you assist me with info on how to open my own construction company and the cost expected for this programe

  5. l want to register a company wich involves construction,farmin and minin bt for now lm in south africa lm s zimbabwean

    1. Hi there,

      Here’s what we need from you to get going on your company registration

      1) Full Names of directors and ID numbers 2) Home addresses 3) Names ideas for the company to be registered (3 or 4 is good) 4) Your payment. $330 or $285 if you register before end of the month

      Concerning your payment you can do it in one of two ways if you’re not in Zimbabwe

      1) A fast Western Union or Money Gram transfer. That means we don’t have to waste time waiting for a normal transfer to clear.

      2) If you have someone in Zim that can transact for you, we’ll be glad to meet them. They can contact me directly for a meeting

      Whichever you are most comfortable with.

      Look forward to setting up your business

      Best regards


  6. Very informative! I’m actually deciding whether to extend in Dubai or someplace else. Zimbabwe will be on my list now. Thanks!

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