Don't Be A Briefcase Businessman, 7 Tips…

Are You A Briefcase Businessman?

Being seen as a ‘briefcase businessman’ will kill your credibility/believability and put a lid on how much money people are willing to trust you with. A briefcase businessman is someone who people perceive as a shady start-up that is here today and gone tomorrow – and is probably incompetent or unethical – because his whole business seems to exist only in his briefcase!

Here are 7 basic things that EVERY business person MUST do to be seen as professional and trustworthy.

  1. Get your company registered. It’s the most basic way to prove that your business actually exists. Many institutions and opportunities will never even consider you if you haven’t done this basic thing. Find out about company registration in Zimbabwe here.
  2. Open A Corporate Bank Account. If you want to go beyond the small amounts of cash most receiving larger payments and contracts, then this is a must. In Zimbabwe where cash money is often a problem, a corporate bank account is essential. Personally, I’d recommend Kingdom bank.
  3. Get Official About Transactions. Use branded invoices, quotations and receipts. It’s puts others at ease, makes you look professional and helps everyone manage their financial records.
  4. Get An Office. It gives you an address and makes you seem more stable and established. You can get an office address, receptionist and land line phone and P.O.Box at shocking affordable rates…contact me and I’ll show you how.
  5. Less Facebook, More LinkedIn. Build your professional network on LinkedIn. Birds of a feather flock together…so flock with other owners of REAL businesses. Facebook will not do this for you!
  6. Develop a brand. Be known for something, the narrower its description the better. When people ask what you do, have the same answer every time. It’s called educating your market and it’s done by consistently communicating the same message. It helps people to know what problem you can solve for them. Real businesses have brand power.
  7. Dress for success. Wear a suit or smart casual if the occasion allows. Never casual, unless it’s a Saturday…but even then, be careful! Dressing smart is a shortcut to being perceived as professional.

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