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Google Secrets

Thanks to Econet Wireless and many others, the online/internet landscape in Zimbabwe is changing fast. Easier and faster internet access to more Zimbabwean people means interesting and exciting things for businesses, marketers and ordinary folk, yet you’d be surprised just how few people in Zimbabwe actually  know how to use the internet. Being a certified internet addict and a big Google fan, i thought I’d share a few tips and tricks to help you find stuff easier online.

How To Search with & Find What You’re Looking For

  • If you’re looking for information on a specific website? Type plus your keywords. For example if you’re looking Tiger Woods on, do this Tiger Woods to see pages on directly related to Tiger Woods
  • Search Google for a specific file type. Just type filetype:pdf plus your keywords. For example filetype:pdf how to ride a bike
  • Tell the time with Google. Want to know the time anywhere in the world? Just type “what time is it” and the name of the place. Example what time is it Zimbabwe or what time is it UK
  • Exclude (or subtract) specific terms from your search. So if you’re looking for Robert in Zimbabwe but you don’t want anything on ‘Robert Mugabe’ type Robert in Zimbabwe -Mugabe
  • Want the meaning of a word? use Define: for example for the meaning of idiot, just type define:idiot for an instant dictionary definition.
  • Looking for a person? What is you’re using Google Image search to find a person named Rose. An ordinary search would bring up dozens of pictures of the flower. Use &imgtype=face then the keyword to limit your search to just faces.
  • Google Maths. Type in any normal mathematical problem to get an instant answer. For example 27-10 or 14+44 the answer will show up instantly.

Google Fun

The following tips are not at all useful, but they sure are funny!

  • Type French Military Victories into Google, then click the button I’m feeling lucky and see what happens!
  • Type into your address bar to discover a hidden Google game!
  • Type Find Chuck Norris and click the I’m feeling lucky button for proof that Chuck Norris is the most dangerous man alive!

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2 Replies to “How To Use Google – Tricks & Games”

  1. Thank for the post.

    Interesting points indeed, some I even had no idea of even though been a savvy “computer guy”, 🙂

    This is really helpful to those starting out in the industry and those just using the internet for basic knowledge gathering etc..

    As always thanks for yet another good post from Soutter land..

  2. Lovely post. There are so many businesses, perosnalities, charities that could use this information to great effect.

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