Zimbabwe Business: Top 10 Reasons Why Speed Matters.

Too many potential business people in Zimbabwe and in the Zimbabwean diaspora have gotten used a wait and see attitude about opportunities.

  • “Lets wait to register our company just in case things don’t work out”
  • “Let’s wait to pursue that idea just in case the economy doesn’t turn around”
  • Wait and see if the Unity Government works out
  • Wait till we have more money
  • Wait till i have a ground-breaking idea

If you’ve done this, i don’t blame you, but i do feel sorry for you.

You’ll probably end up missing out on the best entrepreneurial opportunities Zimbabwe has or will ever have to offer. Sometimes waiting is smart but mostly, in business all it does is allow fear, procrastination or even laziness to rob you of what you could have been.

Speed matters.

If you’ve been taking your time, procrastinating, or just plain wasting time – then here’s 10 reasons to stop it…fast.

Top 10 Reasons Why Speed Matters For Your Zimbabwe Business.

  1. Because sometimes there’s only one prize. Like when two guys go for the same girl. There’s no second prize. She’s only marrying one of you. Snooze you lose. Sometimes there’s only one tender, only one license grant, only one.
  2. Because number one feels better. Ask any Gold medalist if he’d have rather had the silver. Ask any Silver medalist if she’d have preferred the Gold.
  3. Because saving time means time to do more. Finishing one task means you can do another. If you have a one week holiday. Reading a good book is great…but reading two good books – wow. If you can setup your business quicker, you’ve got more time to make money.
  4. 4) Because 1st place makes you a celebrity. The Guinness Book of World Records proves it. The Olympics proves it. Heard of Heusain Bolt the world’s fastest runner?
  5. Because no one remembers who came second. Do you know the name of the World’s second fastest runner? Do you know who the second best golfer in the world is? Neither do I. Do you care? Neither do I.
  6. Because some deadlines are actually real. Not all deadlines are important or even real – but many are. Delivering the stuff on time increase your credibility, strengthen your friendships, up your profits and more. Missing the deadline for the big job tender means you’ve lost it, no matter how great you are. Taking too long with that quotation means, that money will just go somewhere else.
  7. Because opportunities don’t last forever. 2010 World Cup business opportunities are just that – for the Year 2010. If you wait until month before the world cup, you’ve already missed it.
  8. Because number one gets the biggest prize. Number two and three sometimes get nothing more than leftovers. Just ask Microsoft’s Bing how much they wish they’d gotten into internet search before Google – and the impact it would have made on their bottom line.
  9. Because a sense of urgency is motivating In urgent situations, people demand more from themselves, avoid distractions and quit procrastination. A sense of urgency often makes us work more effectively and efficiently.
  10. Because time is a none renewable resource. You can almost always replace a dollar – but never a minute. A decade gone…is gone. 2009 is almost over – you’ll never get one again. Don’t waste what’s left.



Feel the need for speed?

11 Replies to “Zimbabwe Business: Top 10 Reasons Why Speed Matters.”

  1. Good one Max. I think number 8 is one that so many people don’t want to admit, but it’s absolutely valid – even if there are a few exceptions.

  2. Gr8 stuff Max. I read this article that claimed that all the successful people walk 25% faster than the failures. Yeap! that means Warren Baffet, old as he is, is steppin faster than most of us youths! I guess that’s because they are hurrying for the BIG prize!

  3. Max. I loved this article. very helpful indeed. Continue sowing these great seeds for today’s entrepreneur. When you reap NO ONE must give themselves a chance to be surprised because we are seeing the seed.

    Your articles are helpful and surgical.

  4. Amazing article. I appreciate your efforts sir. Keep the fire burning. You are a great writer full of insight and wisdom. Well done sir.

    1. Hey rabison,

      Thank you for your kind words, i really appreciate it. The same foes for you and all that you’re doing with greatness manual. How have you been finding it so far?

      I notice also that you do a lot of article submissions, hows that working out for you?

      to your success


  5. I wish to express my thanks to the creator of this blog page. Keep contributing a good concepts and strategies. Many people will surely develop their abilities by reading blogs like this.

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