Using The ‘F’ Word For More Business

Not attracting enough attention to your business? Maybe it’s time you started using the F word? No…not THAT one – the other one – “FREE”. Actually contrary to popular opinion, it does take skill to market something that’s FREE – profitably. Here are my personal rules for freebies

1)    If it’s not worth buying, don’t try to give it away free.

That means don’t try to give away something that offers no real value to the client…something that HAS TO BE free for anyone to accept it. If people feel that your free stuff has no value, they’ll assume the same for your paid stuff.

2)    Put just as much effort into your freebies as you do for your paid products.

Don’t think “well, I’m giving you this for free, so be grateful even if the service is bad. That just leaves clients with a bad impression of your service, not a gratefulness for your generosity. Pull out all the stops, make it something people can be excited about receiving. Something they’ll talk about.

3) Give Freebies To Those Who Can Afford To Buy.

Why’s this important? Because freebies have a way of attracting a useless audience. If you’re not careful, your freebies will attract people who don’t understand the value their getting – so they wont talk about it, or even remember it… which basically means you’ve wasted your time.  

Why Give ANYTHING away free? After all, aren’t we in this to make a profit?


Think of free gifts (valuable free gifts) as an investment – a purchase of future client. It’s a way to eliminate the initial perceived risk of transacting with you, so that wallets are easier to access next time round.

Prospects think – “If your free service is that good, wow, your $200 must be amazing!”

That’s why it’s important to give not just anyone when you’re limited by numbers. Give freebies to your market, not the masses. The people whose needs will be met by your gift, who can afford to buy it, but will be thrilled to get it free (thereby likely to talk about it, appreciate it, use it and benefit from it and ultimately and remember you.

So what are you waiting for? Start using the F word today. You prospects will love you for it!

Speaking of free… have you got your free downloads yet?

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Get This Free Ebook
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Download Cash Baron Secrets FREE

Yours for higher profits,

Max Soutter

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