Creative Business Cards You Won't Forget

Business balloon
For starters who says it even has to be a card? Why not a balloon?!

Every decent marketer or entrepreneur knows just how unprofitable it is to be easily forgotten. The problem is that few know how to be remembered. Do you?

But it’s about more than just being remembered, you’ve got to be remembered for the right thing – and that’s where good communication comes in – but that’s still not enough. You’ve got to be so memorable that the right people not only fail to forget you, but they talk about you (good words) everywhere they go – even before they’ve done business with you.

One way to do that is with outstanding business cards – like these guys below. Tell me what you think of em and which ones you think are most effective for marketing…

Photography business card
"It's obvious, we take photos. No way you can look at this card later and forget what we do"

It’s easy to memorable.

EVery established industry ALREADY suffers from what legendary marketing consultant Jay Abraham calls ‘Marketing Myopia’. That’s when everyone in the same industry starts to copy everyone else to feel safe. Eventually when the whole industry has been doing this long enough, everyone looks like everyone else. They all

Plastic business card design
Plastic, it's strong, long lasting and water proof - perfect for your new business cards.

reach the market in the same way, using the same mediums and with the same basic message. They become myopic in their assessment of the possibilities available to them. Whenever someone deviates from this new

established norm, we call it innovation and we label them as being ‘creative’.

This happens equally with business cards.Everyone has been doing it the same way for so long that few are even aware that they have options, are you?

Oh, and the good news is – It doesn’t have to be more expensive, take 6 months and it shouldn’t require a whole committee to make it happen. Like all your marketing material, and approaches your business is a tool. It’s not a thing you do because of tradition or convention.

Business cards made from wood
Another great example of how just changing the material you use can make all the difference. In this case, wood.

Just follow this simple 1-2-3 process

  1. 1) Identify your message or the thing you want people to remember when they’re looking at your business card.
  2. 2) Brainstorm what images, shapes, words, materials (etc) are associated with your service, niche, product etc.
  3. 3) Just do it. Don’t worry that it’s not the usual size or shape. Don’t even call it a business card if that makes you feel better, call it a ‘hand out info card’ or something.
my business card, my face
If you need them to remember you, a picture helps!

Easy right?

Lacking from all the examples above and what I’ve said is that whatever you choose to communicate, better be right. “What we do” isn’t always the most important thing to mention or be remembered for… but that’s another post.

marriage counselor business card
What better way to communicate your point and differentiate yourself at the same time. Super affordable concept too.

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  1. Thank You for your resource it is really mind opening.thumbs up to you.

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