World Cup, Vuvuzelas And Failed Businesses

World Cup 2010 soccerThis world cup 2010 in South Africa is a ticket to failure for some businesses. Seriously, and maybe yours too if you’ve caught anything more than a mild case of soccer fever. I said the same thing about Christmas back in 2008 and i’m saying it again about the World Cup in 2010:

Don’t Switch Off Your Brain for the Soccer Games!

Let me explain

Looking out from my office at the Vuvuzela blowing cars on their way to the various ‘fan parks’, i can’t help but wonder how many of them are entrepreneurs in need of a competitive advantage – yet here they are giving away one of the rarest and finest advantages possible…

The World Cup Soccer Brain Vacation!

America in world cup 2010

Maybe it’s the hype of it all, but already masses of business people have taken their attention off of their businesses for the next 30 days, and on to the soccer games. Many will be

  • coming into the office late and leaving early
  • Calling in sick
  • Taking the month off
  • Traveling to SA to watch the games live
  • Installing TVs in their offices to watch games with their staff
  • and so on.

The point is, they wont be working, not very hard anyway. Conversations in offices will turn from 2010 FIFA world cup - nigeria“How can we improve our marketing strategy and increase sales” to “Who do you think will win this one…Brazil?!” or even “How do you think South Africa will last in their own world cup?”

And as you know, market share, competitive advantage and contracts are lost when you stop paying attention (you do know that right?).

So personally, I’ll be just as focused as ever on my business (if not more so). I’ll be taking advantage of all my competitors love for the game!

True, it’s not as fun as blowing the heck out of a Vuvuzela surrounded by thousands of fellow soccer fanatics, but it is more profitable. Shuck, i hate to be a party-pooper, but you know I’m right!

3 Replies to “World Cup, Vuvuzelas And Failed Businesses”

  1. You can find on websapce a lot of articles from funny to sad, pro and contra WC and vuvuzelas.
    I completely agree with you that for so many business the WC is a loss. Only few are able to take advantage.
    Lucky me, my business is not affected but still I watch the games with the sound off cause I found vuvuzela really annoying.
    I’m against them. I even created a facebook event against them

    Keep quiet please! 🙂

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