Word Of Mouth, Want Some?

There are a few questions your marketing needs to answer if it’s going to be successful.

cffd612f-9177-4aa6-9ee3-cc030dd5e115Questions like “Why should we buy from you instead of one of your competitors?” Why should we buy now instead of next week, next year or next never? What makes you so special? And so on. One of the less considered questions, yet just as important is this one…

“Why On Earth Should We Talk About You?

You see you want us to talk about you. You need word of mouth in your business. It’s free advertising. It has greater credibility than almost anything you can say. When we your market start talking about you to each other, that means your brand is finally going somewhere. It means you’re actually reaching us…we keep you in mind when we want to buy…or refer someone else. It’s simple

Mind Share = Market Share.

We’re not stupid though. We won’t talk about you, spreading the word of mouth  just because you ask or just because you need us to. We won’t even talk about you just because you’re good. Good is expected. If you’re not good, then we’ll bad mouth you and complain about you. But to get us talking well of you…

You’ve got to be more than just good.

You have to be out standing. Note-worthy. You have to offer something, say something, do something outside of our everyday experience. You have be so far better, or different to your competition that we have no choice.

Is there anything about your product/service that’s truly conversation worthy? No? Well then, don’t expect much word of mouth. Expect to spend more and more money to get our attention. Expect to work harder, longer just to get us to remember that you exist. Expect to have your more outstanding competitor getting all our word of mouth.

So again… Why Should We Talk About You? Why do you deserve word of mouth?!

10 Replies to “Word Of Mouth, Want Some?”

  1. Yikes! I’d better get my butt moving to answer that question. I’m guilt as hell of never even thinking about it!

  2. This is so true. In my experiences with sales “word of mouth” was always, and I mean always the best advertisement. If you get someone to speak about your product essentially that person is endorsing it. Thus, that builds trust in your product and eventually more sales.


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