Why Women Wear Mini Skirts…5 Tips for Believable Marketing

Women in Mini Skirt
Why Is She Wearing This Mini Skirt?

Those tight mini skirts that are so short they look more like belts than skirts… you’ve seen em right? Seriously: why do women wear them? For the same reason prostitutes on duty don’t wear Eskimo clothes!

Wondering what miniskirts have to do with your business? You mean you haven’t heard of the Mini Skirt Marketing Method? It’s old news in the prostitution industry! You probably also don’t know the following 5 marketing tips for quick and easy credibility for any business new or old – mini skirt style!

First, Why Women Wear Mini Skirts

Ok so all this time you though women dressed in mini skirts because their comfortable?! Or because the sun just happened to be really hot that day?

Or worse – Did you really believe it when that women dressed in a micro mini acted surprised or even irritated  by all the male eyeball attention she was getting?!

It’s just not believable!

Listen, a mini skirt, just like a smart black suit, a nice looking brochure, a newspaper advert or a website…these are all marketing tools. They are designed to get the attention, arouse the desire and offer a sale to a targeted audience! What  ‘a sale’ means may differ from girl to girl and from business to business – but the goal is the same.

Why wouldnt a prostitute dress like an Eskimo while she’s on duty? Because it would out the wrong message. It would cause her marketing to lack credibility.  If only entrepreneurs knew as much.

It’s like the business that claims to provide the highest quality for the cheapest prices. Or the entrepreneur who claims to be provide the most personal customization whilst also claiming to be the fastest. There are just somethings that are almost impossible to claim at the same time.

It’s not that these things are impossible; it’s just that they’re not very believable.

Now in case you doubt the importance of credibility, you should realise this. There are 3 main reasons people don’t respond to your marketing…

  1. They don’t want what you’re selling enough. (Remember need and want are different things)
  2. They can’t afford your offer
  3. They Don’t believe your marketing

They don’t believe you are, have or can do what you claim.

Do you see the vital importance of having a credible offer or brand?If you don’t, then you shouldn’t be in business.

Here’s My Personal Favorite…

Top 5 Believability Building Methods

  1. Logical Arguments. I.E. Starting with something we can agree with or easily confirm. Then move logically to point B, then C etc. If point A is definitely accurate…it lends believability to B. If A & B are accurate and believable, then they both lend credibility to C and so on.
  2. Use testimonials…lots of them – especially the kind that most resemble the person you’re trying to persuade. If you’re selling to Kingdom Bank…show them how  Barclays Bank was completely delighted with your product.
  3. Offer a guarantee. This is one of my favorite – and certainly one of the most powerful. “If it breaks down in the next 12 months, we’ll replace it – no questions asked”. “If it doesn’t work the way we said, you get an instant refund – no excuses”. Very few businesses have the guts to do this one…and that’s why it’s so hard to steal their customers!
  4. Give us your track record. You have a 98.5% success rate VS your competitors 80% – shout it out to the world!
  5. Show it in Action. Is there a way to demo you product or service before they buy? Saying is one thing…but showing can be so much more powerful when done right. When you show me, i don’t have to believe you, i can just believe my own eyes.  Fit a good demonstration into your  presentation and you’ll win trust fast.
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So now…next time you see a micro mini skirt on a women who looks like she’s marketing – if all the guys are turning their heads…ask yourself “Can my marketing do that?!”

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7 Replies to “Why Women Wear Mini Skirts…5 Tips for Believable Marketing”

  1. Hi Max,

    I just like the way you approach subjects.
    True we have to be walking physical embodiments of what we preach or sell and be able to convince our prospects to become customers by believing that we can deliver.

    Thanks for this.

  2. @ Greatness Manual, Thanks mate – it helps to put a point across.

    @ Ozias I agree 100%. Without credibility it doesn’t matter how important the message is, it will be ignored. It’s a warning to marketers, evangelists and communicators of every kind. Thank you for reading Ozias.

  3. Thanks man, these are simple but well thought issues.Keep up the good work, Im following.

  4. spot on again max though i thought you were going to take the analogy further and explore the social aspect further delving into the female psyche

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