A Business Lesson From Phillip Chiyangwa

  • Phillip Chiyangwa
    Suing the City for $900 Million

    What kind of first impression do you make?

  • If i bump into you for the first time today, what would i think?
  • Would i be impressed?
  • Amazed?
  • Or completely unmoved?
  • Would i perceive you as an expert? An outstanding professional?
  • Would i be confident to give you business?
  • Big business?
  • Would recommend you to some i respect?
  • Would i make a mental note to remember you?
  • Or, would i think you were nothing more than ordinary?

Fortunately for you, you’ve got a lot of control over what kind of first impression you make in a meeting. The way you dress, talk, walk and so on.

But in marketing, first impressions go beyond just meeting physically. It’s the first time i see your brochure, your newspaper advert, your business card. Its the first time someone tells me about you, the first time i land on your website

What would i find if i Googled your name right now?

You heard about Phillip Chiyangwa’s recent scandal right?

They accused him of some pretty hefty criminal activity in a few recent land sale deals. Now he’s suing the heck out of the Harare City Council and The Standard newspaper for defaming him. The price for their sins? $900 MILLION USD! That’s more than Tiger Woods’ Wife will get in a divorce settlement!

It’s a crazy story, but one thing is sure – guilty or not…

Business tycoons like Phillip Chiyangwa don’t take too kindly having their reputations messed up.

They know that impression and reputation can make the difference between success and failure in business.

Most small business people on the other hand, completely ignore this reality. Impressions are made by chance, not design.

How important is your image?

If you meet someone today, who can make a big different to your bottom line will you know what to say, and how? Will you fit into his world view of what kind of person he wants to give business?

Worth thinking about doncha think?

6 Replies to “A Business Lesson From Phillip Chiyangwa”

  1. I cant agree with you more on this issue. Its reputation that maketh or breaks a man. Wish the article was a bit longer. Well done

  2. you are true business man, and you know what you are doing. Your bravery and intelligence will always make you see what others can not.

  3. the business world is cruel you may not get a chance 2 redeem yourself but thank God he does

  4. True Kevin, unfortunately we’re not going to change that anytime soon. First impressions will always count, go or bad – especially in business. Best use it to your advantage.

  5. my name is Andrew Kahari. I would like to meet Mr. P. Chiyangwa. I promise he will not be disappointed. I have a very important business proposition I have for him. my cell 0771683659

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