Osama Bin Laden Captured Power Branding Tactic

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Osama Bin Laden captured is worth $25 million dollars!

Osama Bin Laden, leader of  Al Qaeda is no joke when it comes to doing business. He understands something that very few businessmen will ever comprehend. It’s so powerful, that if you grasped it, it would propel you to greatness – beyond your wildest dreams.

In his own world, and by his own definitions, Osama Bin Laden may be one of the most successful visionaries of our time – here’s why and what you absolutely have to learn from it…

According to the FBI;

Osama is the most wanted man in the world!

He’s more than just one of many, he’s the very symbol of the evil terrorist movement. Truth is, he may actually be wanted in a disproportionate degree to his crimes. True, through Al Qaeda, Osama has bombed buildings killing thousands-but some African Presidents (and others) have been responsible for hundreds of thousands –even millions of deaths. Unfortunately (for Africans), these presidents just don’t have the same brand power as Osama.

In fact, he’s brand is so strong that even the current US President had problems in the early part of his campaign, just because he’s name is similar to Osama’s. He’s opponents called him OBAMA Bin Laden!

The Osama Opportunity

Understand firstly, that rising through the ranks to reach the very top of the FBI’s Most Wanted list is no easy task. It’s not a task for mediocre murderers or terrorists. Rising to the top of your industry is probably just a difficult. It’s not just about selling products…it’s about building your brand so that you become symbolic of the solution you offer.

  • When you’re searching for something online, your first thought is to Google it.
  • When you think Dictator, you think Hitler.
  • When you think about race equality, you probably think Martin Luther King
  • When you think African Hero – that’s obviously Nelson Mandela
  • In Zimbabwe when you think soft drink, you’re thinking Coca cola.
  • And when you think terrorist, you think… that’s right – Osama Bin Laden.

I could go on and on. The point is, these are brands that have become symbolic of the movements or solutions they represent. They’re not merely participating in their ‘industry’, they are the symbols of them.

Learn from a terrorist and stand for something.

Quality, long lasting, super fast service, the smartest ideas, most advanced, best price, most convenient etc – whatever you choose, stand for it. It’s a long term commitment  and involves every product you sell, every time you sell it for no matter how long you sell it for. Be an extremist about the thing you stand for.

The mistake many make when brand building is that they think they have to be good at everything. The highest quality product with the best service and the best price available 24 hours a day, everywhere in the country.

Now, unless your competition is none existent or completely useless, you CANNOT be the best at everything – nor do you have to. Mercedes Benz is not trying to be better than Volvo on price. They couldn’t.

Osama Bin Laden isn’t trying to be the top real estate guru in the middle-east  AND the World’s greatest terrorist at the same time (although he wouldn’t describe himself as a terrorist).

In marketing, your differentiated stance on a strategically chosen focus is called a Unique Selling Point, or Unique Sales Position – a USP for short.

You absolutely need a USP. Without it, you will NEVER ever be anything more than a participator in your industry. One of hundreds that hardly anyone knows or remembers or has a real reason to choose.

There’s a 25 million dollar reward for finding Osama Bin Laden, dead or alive. If you get a powerful USP, become extremist about it and stick to it – then maybe…one day, you’ll be worth 25 million dollars to someone else too. alive, of course!


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